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Washing and cleaning section in starch production line

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This video shows the front part of the starch production line, which is the cleaning and washing stage.

starch production line
Cleaning and wsahing section in starch production line
The process of cleaning and washing section in starch production line:
1. Firstly, put the raw material  on the conveyor through the forklift. Raw material will be  conveyed to the peeling machine. Raw materials in this machine will be washed to the surface of the potato surface sticky soil, gravel and potato skin and other impurities.
2. After that, the raw material will be sent to the paddle cleaning machine. The main purpose of the paddle cleaning machine is the second cleaning. The advantages of this paddle cleaning machine is: small power, large capacity, cleaning more thoroughly, easy to operate.
starch production machine
Paddle cleaning machine in starch production line

This cleaning and washing section can be used in starch production line and the flour manufacturing plant.My company can provide you the best program according to your demand for starch production line.


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