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Cassava peeler machine running video

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 This video is mainly about the cassava peeler running, and this mahchine is independently researched and developed by our own professional team.

Usage of cassava peeler machine :

This cassava peeler machine is designed by brush principle. Cassava peeler is mainly used to peel the cassava root during cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing, as well as garri processing. Cassava peeler can save human work for peeling the cassava. Cassava peeler could also widely used in round oval fruits and vegetables such as cassava, ginger, carrots, potatoes, sweet potato and kiwi fruit, vegetable root tuber crops as cleaning and peeling.

Feature of cassava peeler machine :

1.The cassava peeler machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation, cleaning peeling of large volume, high efficiency, little energy consumption, clean, simple operation, long service life, etc.

2. The cassava peeler machine can be made of carbon steel material and  high quality stainless steel 304 material according to customers’ requirements.

cassva peeler machine

Cassava peeler machine

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