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Video of the new Garri processing plant in Nigeria

Video/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jan 10, 2022

Congratulations on the official completion of the installation of the garri  processing plant of a Nigerian customer of Henan Jinrui Company! This is a complete garri processing plant with high automation degree and high processing efficiency, including dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cassava peeler, cassava grater, dewatering machine and garri fryer.

All of these garri processing machines are ordered and produced in Henan Jinrui Company, a rich experience manufacturer of cassava processing machine. And it took only more than two months to complete the manufacture of the whole garri processing plant machines after receiving the order.

At present, new garri processing plant has been set up in Nigeria under the guidance of Henan Jinrui Company’s engineers. Henan Jinrui company wishes the customer to put into garri production as soon as possible.

If you also need garri processing machine or other cassava processing machines, welcome to leave messages or contact us directly. Henan Jinrui Company will provide you with the best machine customized service and after-sale service!

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