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0.5t-1t/ day mini garri making machine introduction video

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In most cases, the 0.5t-1t/day mini garri making machine usually has the six following steps: cassava washing and peeling, cassava grating, cassava mash fermentation, dewatering, garri frying and sieving. Machines used in this line include cassava peeler, cassava grating machine, hydraulic press, garri fryer and vibration sieve.

The introduction of garri making machine line

Mini garri making machine is mainly divided into two sections: cleaning and processing. The first is the cleaning section. The machine we need to use in this section is cassava peeler. It is used to remove the two layers of cassava, the peeling rate is as high as 95%, and it is equipped with a spray water system, which can achieve better peeling and cleaning effect. The second is the processing section. The peeled cassava tubers will be put into the cassava grating machine for crushing. The cassava grating machine has two outlets, which can not only separate the starch liquid from the crushed cassava puree but also is good for the fermentation of cassava and is very popular in the market. The crushed cassava puree is bagged and fermented for 2 to 3 days, and then put into hydraulic press for dewatering. This hydraulic press adopts a hydraulic system and a reliable electronic control system, which can squeeze out the water in the crushed cassava. The dehydrated and broken cassava puree is poured into the garri fryer for frying. This garri fryer can automatically stir fry and control the temperature by itself, which ensures that no gelatinization occurs during the garri frying process. The garri fryer has 3 heating methods to choose from, including gas heating, oil heating and electric heating. You can choose the most cost-effective one according to your local market economy. After the garri has been stir-fried, you can use a vibration sieve to separate coarse fibers and large garri particles in order to obtain high-quality finished garri with uniform fitness. The sieved garri is packaged and sold to the market.

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