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What is the difference between small scale and big scale garri processing machines?

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Garri is one of the staple foods in West Africa, and now garri processing is more and more popular among locals. Some local processes garri in manual, which wastes time with low benefits. In order to promote benefits in a short time, mechanized production came into being.

Henan Jinrui Food Company has various capacities for cassava garri processing machines according to the different needs of clients. It mainly includes small scale and big scale garri processing machines with high efficiency and energy saving advantages. Their differences are the capacity plan and the client’s requirements.

small scale garri processing machinesSmall scale garri processing machines

For small scale garri processing machines, we can match some main machines for beginners such as a peeling machine, a grating machine, a hydraulic press machine, a garri fryer, and a vibration sieve machine. It is also 1ton output per day machine list, which is good for beginners who want to venture into this project. If the client wants a more automatic one, we can add some connections between the 2 machines.

large scale garri processing machinesLarge scale garri processing machine

For large scale garri processing machines, Henan Jinrui Food Company can provide machines from 1ton output per day to 1ton output per hour whether half automatic or fully automatic. The big scale garri processing machine includes a dry sieve, paddle washer, peeling machine, grating machine, hydraulic press, hammer crusher, garri fryer, vibration sieve, and packing machine. In a complete garri processing line, we not only can provide our garri processing machine but also can help design the factory layout, processing flow layout, foundation layout, etc to help the client finish the factory building. Our client only needs to learn the local cost and raise enough funds to choose a suitable site for setting up a factory.

In general, if you also have an idea to start a garri processing project, you can contact us as soon as possible. Please tell us your plan and capacity requirements, we will be pleased to get your message.



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