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What is the installation of the garri processing machine?

FAQ/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jul 15, 2022

Compared with traditional processing, machine-made garri has better quality and taste, so garri processing machines are more and more popular in Africa. But many people do not know how to install it after purchasing garri processing machine, let me introduce you here.

In fact, this is a very easy problem to solve. Henan Jinrui is a manufacturer of garri processing machines that has enough experience and many successful installation projects. About the Garri processing machine, we have a small capacity and big capacity garri processing line.

one piece of small capacity garri processing lineOne piece of small capacity garri processing line

For small-capacity garri processing machines, you do need not to install them. Since the small-capacity garri processing machine is made in, you only need to choose a suitable place in your factory to power it up and it will work.

big capacity garri processing lineBig capacity garri processing line

For a big capacity garri processing line, we will arrange engineer to go to your factory to guide you to installation. And you also can find an engineer by yourself, our engineer can guide you by video call. And we will ship with detailed instructions, if you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us. It’s better for you to find some workers to help you. [Recommend reading: What is the difference between small scale and big scale garri processing machines?]

Henan Jinrui is a professional garri processing machine manufacturer company integrating design, development, production, and installation. If you want to build a Garri processing plant, welcome to consult us.

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