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What is the main process of making garri?

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Garri is a daily food consumed by Africans, especially in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, ect.. Traditionally, garri are made at home by manual method, however, in recent years, mechanical garri processing is becoming more and more common. But the process of making garri is basically the same. So What is the process of making garri?

Generally speaking, the process of making garri includes cleaning and washing, peeling, grating, fermentation, dewatering, frying, sieving and packaging.

What is the process of making garriProcess of making garri

Cleaning & washing: To process cassava into garri, the harvest cassava should be cleaned first. This mainly involves the removing of soil, dirt, stones and other impurities attached to cassava. Normally to ensure the cleanness of cassava, dry sieve and paddle washer are used together for cassava cleaning and washing.

What is the process of making garriCleaner and washer

Peeling: Peeling is an important step in the process of making garri. We need to peel off the outmost grey and cuticular white peels, for the peels of cassava contain toxic cyanide.

Before the advent of machines, the cassava is peeled by hand. But it is laborious and timeconsuming. So cassava peeling machine is designed to solve this problem. Cassava peeling machine can process 500kg to 4 tons of cassava per hour, which greatly improve the peeling efficiency. So more and more producers prefer to peel by machine.

What is the process of making garriCassava peeling

Grating: Then the peeled cassava need to be grated in the process of making garri. A high efficient cassava grater can easily grate cassava into pulp without breaking the fibers, so that it can facilitate fermentation. DOING cassava grater is specially designed for making garri, it can not only satisfy the grating demand, but also improve garri yield because of its high efficiency.

Fermentation: To fermentate garri, the grated cassava pulp is normally sealed into a sack.Then the packed cassava pulp is left to ferment for two to three days depending on local condition.

What is the process of making garriCassava grating machine

Dewatering: The fermented cassava pulp contains too much water so that it can not be fried directly. So we need to put it into a hydraulic press machine to squeeze extra water out.

Frying: After the dewatering process of making garri, the wet garri needs to be fried. A garri fryer or normal pan can both fry garri into dry crisp garri. But in order to ensure the quality of produced garri, it is better to use a garri frying machine with stainless steel material to fry garri.

What is the process of making garriGarri dewatering, frying and sieving machine

Sieving and Packaging: If the produced garri is for sale, it needs to be sieved by a sieving machine to remove its large particles and fibers. So that the produced garri is finer and can be sold at a better price. And finally, the produced garri is packed for storage.

The above is the whole process of making garri. We Doing Company can supply the complete set of machines for making garri. Welcome to contact us if you want to produce garri with high efficiency.

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