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How to make garri in Nigeria by modern garri processing machines?

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In Nigeria, garri is the most popular food which is eaten almost by every household. Traditionally, garri is made by Nigerian by hand. However, with the popularity of the mechanical garri processing machine, more and more people choose to make garri in Nigeria by garri processing machines. So how to make garri in Nigeria by modern garri processing machines?

how to make garri in NigeriaHow to make garri in Nigeria?

Firstly, using cassava cleaner and washer to clean cassava

To make garri in Nigeria by modern garri processing machines, cassava is firstly transported into cassava cleaner, where it will firstly remove large impurities such as stone, soil, branches and so on. Then it enters into a cassava washer, which adopts the countercurrent washing method to thoroughly remove other attaches impurities.

how to make garri in NigeriaCassava cleaner and washer

Secondly, using cassava peeler to remove its peels and grate it into the mash for fermentation

After washing, the cassava was conveyed to a cassava peeling machine, where its outmost grey and inner white peels will be removed. Good peeling effect not only improves the quality of garri but also reduces the cassava grater's stress. DOING cassava peeling machine is designed by introducing the most advanced technology and our engineer's experience, which can reach a peeling rate of 94%.

After peeling, cassava goes into a cassava grating machine and being grated into mash. DOING cassava grating machine is also specially designed for garri processing, it can not only fully grate garri but also will not totally break the fibers in cassava so as to facilitate fermentation.

Then the grated cassava is packed and put into a fermentation room for two or three days, and the fermentation period can be different based on different temperatures and weather.

how to make garri in NigeriaCassava peeling machine and grating machine

Thirdly, using hydraulic press and garri fryer to get dry edible garri

The fermentated garri contains a lot of water, so we need to dry wet garri in this section. Firstly using a hydraulic press to press water out of bags to form garri cake, then adopting stainless steel garri fryer to stir garri evenly and get uniform moisture edible garri. If your garri is for self-consumption, the process to make garri in Nigeria by machines is completed.

how to make garri in NigeriaGarri dewaterer and garri fryer machine

Finally adopting sieving machine to remove large garri granules and packaged garri for sale

If the produced garri is for sale, then you can adopt a sieving machine to remove the large particles out and get finer and higher quality garri. Finally, pack the produced garri for sale.

It is estimated that 75% of cassava is produced into garri in African countries, which attests that garri has great demand in Africa.  In addition, according to data, there is also an annual demand of about one million (1,000,000) tons for garri in Nigeria, while the supply is estimated around only two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) tons. So does these attract you to work in garri processing business? Do you also want to make garri in Nigeria by modern garri processing machines? Then please contact Henan Doing Company, we can provide you with professional garri processing machines and project guidance.

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