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What's the difference of centrifugal separator and garri presser?

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cassava presser

Cassava presser

vacuum dehydrator

Vacuum dehydrator

During the cassava starch making line, cassava flour making line and garri processing line, all need the process to dewater. For the dewatering process, there are two different kinds of machine which can dewater, one is centrifugal separator, another is presser.

For cassava presser, It mainly used for cassava flour making line, garri processing line etc.

The features is that no wasting during the cassava flour or garri processing line, but it need more manual work.

For the centrifugal separator, it maily use for cassava starch making line less capacity,just like 5 ton per day, less machine cost, but not easy to operate.

For the vacuum dehydrator, it mainly used for large output all kinds of starch like potato, sweet potato and cassava starch making line.

The features is that adjustable speed, full automatic. But the disadvantage is that high power dissipation.

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