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What are essential part to build a cassava flour plant?

Date:May 27, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online

cassava flour plant

Cassava flour plant

To build a cassava flour plant, there are many factors may affect it, here we will pay more attention to the below points:

1.Enough land to build the workshop for cassava flour plant. The exact size maybe acording to the capacity;

2.Enough supplying of raw material; to build cassava flour plant, we need prepare enough cassava supplying per day.

3.Enough water supplying: to make cassava flour, it is essential to clean the cassava, at least 2 or 3times, So it needs large amount of water supplying;

4.Enough and stable power supplying, to make cassava flour, the power is essnetial. Since it is a cassava flour production line, we need the stable supplying of power;

5.Enough funds for the cassava flour project: besides the land, water,power cost, it need the machine cost, and running cost etc.

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