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Cassava grater machine price

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Henan Jinrui Food Company is one of the most professional cassava processing machine suppliers in China, which designed different cassava grating machines to get final cassava production accordingly. Here are some choices for cassava grating machines:

cassava garri grating machine grinding machineCassava garri grating machine

Garri processing

When clients want to process cassava into garri, we advise clients to choose a cassava grating machine like this one. This can process 2 tons of fresh cassava per hour and is easily operated after powering electricity. Cassava grating machine can grate peeled cassava tubers to mash continuously. Moreover considering garri particles, this grating machine has a good effect. Such a machine only needs 3000usd can get it. Most clients chose such machines in garri processing. 

cassava flour and starch grating machine cutting and rasperCassava flour and starch grating machine cutting machine and rasper

Cassava flour and starch processing

Compared with garri processing, cassava flour and cassava starch have high particles requirement to ensure final product quality. Henan Jinrui Company designed a cassava cutting machine and a rasper machine for the grating part. Cassava cutting machine can cut cassava into small pieces, then a rasper machine can grate small pieces thoroughly with less than 2mm to cassava milk.

These machines have a good effect on automatic and high capacity processing. And such cassava grating machines have various capacities from 2 tons of cassava to 40 tons per hour.  Different capacities have different prices. And they are popular selling and the most advanced in cassava flour and starch processing.

Whatever kind of cassava final production you want, it is better to choose suitable cassava processing machines. So when you have any idea about investing in cassava processing, we are welcome to receive your news and recommend high quality machines.


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