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How to make cassava mash from machine ?

Date:Dec 03, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online

The production of cassava mash is the most common method of processing cassava. People can make cakes or use them in soups or other foods. If it's just a daily diet for the family, then manually grinding the cassava is enough, but if you want to get a lot of production, it is more reasonable to use the machine to produce cassava mash.

The cassava grating machine principle manufactured by Doing Company is the same as the manual method of grinding cassava, but the speed is faster, the output is larger, the grinding is uniform, and the part of the machine outlet can achieve solid-liquid separation, that is, while discharging the cassava meal, crushing the liquid produced in the cassava will be separated from the cassava mash.

cassava grating machineCassava mash making from the machine

The  cassava mash production process from Doing Company automatic machine:

After cassava is peeled and washed, then placed in the feeding port of the cassava grating machine from Doing Company. Under the action of the licker, the cassava is pulverized into a filament shape and brought into the cone grinding seat, and pushed under the screw shaft. In the narrow gap formed by the inner casing of the cone mill, the material is further pressed, pulverized and ground under the action of the rotation of the inner shell of the cone mill. The ground cassava is squeezed into the separation cylinder and thoroughly mixed with water under the action of a stirring shaft. The free starch is dissolved in water, flows out through the separation sieve and is collected for use, and the cassava mash is pushed by the stirring shaft and discharged from the cassava garting machine roller. You can click cassava grater machine to see the video of Doing Company cassava grating machine's production process for cassava mash.

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