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How to make tapioca from cassava?

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Tapioca is also named cassava flour.The cassava root is rich content in tapioca. About how to make tapioca from cassava, it contain the process from cassava cleaning to the tapioca drying. The tapioca is mainly used for making food and for industrial production, tapioca processing also the main method for cassava deep processing to improve value. tapioca noodle is very popular in many countries. Tapioca is extracted from cassava. The cells of the root tubers of the cassava plant contain tapioca. To extract the tapioca, the cassavas are crushed; the tapioca grains are released from the destroyed cells. The tapioca is then washed out and dried to get tapioca powder. The brief description of how to make tapioca from cassava, its operation process including the section of cassava cleaning, washing, grinding, dewatering, air drying, vibraction sieve.

how to make tapioca from cassava
The process to make tapioca from cassava

Following is the detail introduction of how to make tapioca from cassava:

Step 1. Cassava cleaning system: it usually uses two machines, and they dry sieve and paddle washer.We know that cassava is bigger than other cassavas, dry sieve main function is remove the dirt, sand, or other impurities which mixed with cassava. Paddle washer could mixed cassava with water, fully remove the soil in cassava surface.

Step 2. Peeling machine: in the process of how to make tapioca from cassava, usually use the peeling machine. The peeling machine widely used in the pretreatment of raw material for garri production line, cassava chips processings and cassava tapioca full set equipment plant.We usually have two types cassava peeling machine, full stainless steel type with newest technology and carbon steel type with contact materials parts stainless steel. You can select as your needs. Of course, the full stainless steel type is better.

tapioca processing machine
Tapioca washing machine

Step 3. Cassava crushing machine: the raspers mainly used in the processing of cassava into tapioca, and widely used in the process of how to make tapioca from cassava for crushing materials. It has features of modern design, compact structure, high speed, high rasping coefficient, even particles, high extraction rate, etc. The cassava crushing machine of Doing Group company  to get cassava tapioca, this time cassava tapioca with high water content. If you request more fine cassava tapioca, you can select our new type rasper.

Step 4. Cassava tapioca press dewater: Use plate and frame filter press to dewater, after this, tapioca water content less than 40%. Plate-frame filter press is an effective type of dewatering equipment. It is used for various solid-liquid separation.

tapioca processing machine
Tapioca dewatering machine

Step 5. Air drying: flash dryer is the idea choice for tapioca production enterprise of how to processing of cassava into tapioca. after air drying, tapioca water content will be 12%-14%, reach the requests.

Step 6. Vibration sieve: to get uniform tapioca with high quality.

tapioca processing machine
Tapioca drying machine

Cassava tapioca is different with cassava starch, it is usually powder particles, make according cassava peeling, crushing and drying process, nowadays, to get large capacity, cassava tapioca making by industrial production line. Cassava tapioca can be twisted to a ball, after heating and cooking in hot water, can be eat, looks transparent, taste flexible. In daily life, the small ball  in milk tea, dessert, beverage usually made by cassava tapioca. With the develop of cassava tapioca application in food making, more people turned their eye on cassava tapioca making, so learn how to make tapioca from cassava is better for your business and carrer. Hope this essay could help.

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