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How to maintain starch dewatering machine?

Date:Mar 12, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online

Starch vacuum dehydrator is a solid-liquid separation device. It is widely used in the dehydration process of starch slurry in potato, sweet potato, cassava and other starch production processes.

starch dewatering machine

Larger capacity starch dewatering machine

During the starch production processing, what should we need to notice in order to ensure the stability of the starch dewatering equipment and maintain the starch dewatering machine?

1. During the process of using starch dewatering machine, the filter cloth must be cleaned regularly according to the actual situation to maintain the normal suction filtration effect. 
2. Each time the starch dewatering machine is used for production, the host must be shut down.
3. The sealing sleeve of the drum shaft head of the starch vacuum dehydrator should be filled with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil every day, so that it can maintain a good lubricating closed state.
starch vacuum dehydrator
4. When starting the starch dewatering machine, separate the main motor from the vacuum pump motor.
5. The mechanical oil level in the reducer of the starch vacuum dewatering machine should not be too high. The new equipment should be dischargeed the built-in oil and use diesel oil for thorough cleaning within one week. 


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