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Cassava starch production line installation in Nigeria

Project/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ May 21, 2019

In 2016, customers from Nigeria ordered a 10 t/h cassava starch production line from Henan Doing Machinery, which was put into operation in April 2017. Now the cassava starch processing machine is still running well, bringing great economic benefits to customer.

The Nigerian customer met us at the Lagos Exhibition and, by talking to us, he learned that we are a professional manufacturer of cassava starch processing machine, with our own factory and advanced cassava starch production technology. Our overseas sales manager shows him the advantages of our cassava starch production line and equipment, which attracts his interest. For contacting us easier, customers exchanged his whatsapp and emails with us.

cassava starch production line in NigeriaCustomer and DOING sales manager

After this meeting, our sales manager continued to contact the customer via email and whatsapp. The customer said that he had a large cassava plantation and wanted to process the cassava to increase his income. He learned that cassava starch was widely application in industries like papemaking, food, beverage and chemical in the Nigerian market, the demand for cassava starch was huge, and the price of cassava starch was relatively high. So he decided to build a cassava starch processing plant. Considering the infrastructure problems in Nigeria, this customer hopes that our cassava starch production line has the features of energy saving, less power consumption, low maintenance costs, and easy operation. DOING cassava starch production line is fully capable of meeting customer requirements in these aspects.

cassava starch production line in NigeriaDOING cassava starch equipment delivery

To let customer has a more deep understanding on DOING cassava starch production line, our sales manager not only introduced him the equipment advantage (wearing resistant and durable, advanced technology, high cost-effective) to the customer in detail, but also show him the equipment operation video, 3D flow chart and 3D video. After seeing these videos, the customers decided to visit our factory to see our cassava starch production line.

The Nigerian customer came to China to visit our office and then to our factory. After seeing our actual cassava starch processing machine, the customer was very satisfied. After comparing our cassava starch production line with other manufacturer in the aspects of equipment performance, specific energy consumption (water and electricity, etc.), floor space, equipment price, equipment durability and technological advancement, he choose to cooperate with Doing company. And according to his requirements and budget, DOING engineer recommend him with our 10t/h cassava starch production line.

cassava starch production line in NigeriaEquipment discharging in Nigeria

The customer signed a contract with us in March 2016. And then DOING factory began the manufacturing of cassava starch processing machine and, in accordance with the contract, shipped the equipment from Qingdao Port to Lagos Port in July.

In September 2016, Doing Company dispatched an engineer and sales manager to the customer's factory to help customer install the cassava starch production line. Our engineers designed the most reasonable equipment installation plan for the customer according to the factory map given by the customer.

cassava starch production line in NigeriaEquipment installation in Nigeria

In December 2016, DOING engineers went to the customer's factory for the second time to commission equipment for the customer and to teach the operator equipment operation skills and simple equipment maintenance skills.

In March 2017, the customer's cassava starch production line began to run, and all the equipment worked well under the supervision of DOING engineer.

cassava starch production line in NigeriaCassava starch production line in Nigeria

In April 2017, the customer's cassava starch production in Nigeria began to run officially.

The Nigerian climate is suitable for growing cassava, and Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava. Nigeria has abundant source of cassava raw materials, making it a good place for cassava processing business. If you want to engage in cassava deep processing business, please contact us, Doing Machinery can offer you cassava starch production line turnkey project services from plant planning, water supply and power supply lines, equipment manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and operator training.

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