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Is bammy made from cassava?

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Yes, bammy is made from cassava.

What is bammy?

Bammy is a Jamaican staple that is made from fresh cassava. Compare with wheat, bammy is less expensive. Since cassava is widely grown in Jamaica, marketing bammy in Jamaica is a good market option.


How to make bammy at home?

It is easy to make bammy. You just peel and grate the cassava to wet mash, and cooked in a skillet, soaked in coconut milk for a moist flatbread that is crisp on the outside.

cassava bammy processing machineCassava bammy processing machine

How to process bammy with the machine?

Many customers will ask if we have a machine for making bammy, and Jinrui can tell you that we do. It's processing usually includes washing, peeling, grating, and dewatering. A dry sieve is used for removing impurities from cassava, like sand and leaves. A paddle washing machine is used for washing completely. Grating machine is used for grating cassava into cassava pulp. A dewatering machine is used to remove the moisture from cassava. After dewatering, you can make bammy.

Henan Jinrui is a professional company in cassava processing if you want to start bammy processing business, for free contact us for more details.

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