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Precautions for the use of cassava flour drying equipment flash dryer

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Flash dryer is a drying equipment used in cassava flour production line, which to instantly dry flour. Theoretically speaking, to ensure the quality and efficiency of final cassava flour, flash dryer plays a vital role.

The reason why the flash dryer is so important is because drying cassava flour is more difficult than any other starch product. So it's necessary for you to know some precautions on using flash dryer.

1.Choose two stage of flash dryer

Firstly wet cassava flour will be sent into first stage of flash dryer by high speed screw or winnow, and then flour will be discharged from cyclones and be sent to second drying system, and finally dried flour will be discharged through cyclones. By two stage drying, cassava flour can be dried completely thus production capacity can be ensured.

2. Equip with automatic interlocking control system

In order to ensure the drying effect and the moisture stability of the finished cassava flour, the dryer is generally configured with an automatic interlocking control system. Inlet air temperature or feeding speed can be adjusted automatically by measuring inlet and outlet temperature, ensuring stable quality of final cassava flour.

gif of cassava drying machineThe working process show of flash dryer

3. Consider suitable heat source

In addition to the drying system itself, the heat source is also very important. Normally hot air stove or steam boiler is suggested. Hot air stove is relatively cheaper, but it’s not easy to be controlled. While steam boiler can be well controlled, price maybe a little higher. To get cassava flour with stable moisture content, it’s better to use steam boiler.

4. Compare different working environment

What’s more, the biggest impact on the production efficiency of flash dryer is the stability of the working environment. Due to the different harvest seasons of various crops and the temperature differences in different countries, the drying effect and operation cost must be considered. Cassava flour drying machine should be working effectively in different environment. Try to avoid wet working condition, influencing drying efficiency and resulting in unnecessary losses.

on-site installation drawing of flash dryerOn-site installation drawing of flash dryer

The above are the precautions for the use of cassava flour drying equipment flash dryer provided by Henan Jinrui Company. Besides the dryer, Henan Jinrui also can manufacture and supply whole process cassava flour processing equipments.


Wet cassava flour processing technology is adopted to ensure high quality of final flour. The processes of making cassava flour are as follows:

Fresh cassava roots (conveyor) → cleaning (dry sieve) → washing (paddle washer) → peeling (peeler) → cutting and crushing (cutter and rasper) → desanding (de-sander) → dewatering (plate-frame filter press) → drying (flash dryer) → sieving (sifter) → high quality cassava flour.

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