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What machine is used in cassava flour making?What are the processing steps of cassava flour making?

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The cassava flour making machine is mainly used to process cassava flour from cassava tubers and it adopts wet technology in order to get high quality cassava flour. The main steps of cassava making are cleaning, peeling, cutting, crushing, desanding, dewatering, crushing, drying, sieving and packaging. Machines used are accordingly dry sieving machine and paddle washing machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, rasper, desander, the plate-frame filter press, hammer crusher, flash dryer, sifter sieve and packing machine.

cassava flour making machinesThe machines used in cassava flour making

To process cassava flour from cassava, you need to know the following steps and the related machines:

Processing steps Main processing machines
Cleaning and washing Dry sieving machine&Paddle washing machine
Peeling Peeling machine
Cutting Cutting machine
Crushing Rasper
Desanding Desander
Dewatering The plate-frame filter press
Crushing Hammer crusher
Drying Flash dryer
Sieving Sifter sieve
Packing Packing machine

Let me introduce the cassava flour making machine in details.

Step 1: Cleaning and washing

In this step, you will use dry sieving machine and washing paddle machine. First, the dry sieving machine is used to remove impurities such as soil, sand, mixed small stones and weeds on the cassava. Second, the paddle washing machine is used to clean the cassava after the dry sieving process again to wash away impurities such as sediment attached to the cassava.

cassava flour cleaning machinesCassava flour cleaning machine

Step 2: Peeling

As we all know, the two-layer skin of cassava is poisonous and cannot be eaten, so it is necessary to use a peeling machine to peel the cassava during the making of cassava flour. The peeling machine can remove the two layers of cassava and the peeling rate is as high as 95%. In addition, it is equipped with a spray water system, which can achieve better peeling and cleaning effect.

Step 3: Cutting

Because the tubers of cassava are relatively large and have a lot of fiber, we recommend that pre-cutting the cassava with the cutting machine first. Henan Jinrui’s cutting machine is made of food grade stainless steel (4cr13), and its blade adopts a diamond-shaped blade, which has a longer service life and is durable.

Step 4: Crushing

In order to get high quality cassava flour, you need to crush the mashed cassava again to separate starch from cassava. The rasper adopts the Swedish SKF bearing and the German OPT belt technology, and the crushing rate can reach 96%. It is important to note that our rasper machine has a magnetic device, which can not only ensure food safety but also reduce the wear and tear of the rasper.

cassava flour crushing machineCassava flour crushing machine

Step 5: Desanding

Desander plays a vital role in making high quality cassava flour. Desander can greatly remove grit from cassava flour, thereby improving the taste of cassava flour.

Step 6: Dewatering

The crushed cassava needs to be dehydrated to achieve solid-liquid separation. The plate-frame filter press is an effective dewatering machine which can dehydrate the cassava flour into cassava flour cake with a moisture content of about 40%.

cassava flour dewatering machineCassava flour dewatering machine

Step 7: Crushing

The dehydrated cassava flour is not convenient to dry, so it’s necessary to crush the cassava flour. Hammer crusher is a kind of equipment that uses high-speed rotating knives to crush raw materials into paste.

Step 8: Drying

In order to get finished cassava flour, you need to use a cassava flour drying machine. The flash dryer adopts a negative pressure drying system to effectively control the loss of dust materials and purify the work site of workers. The cassava material to be dried has a short residence time in the drying system and a high heat exchange rate, which can achieve instantaneous drying.

cassava flour drying machineCassava flour drying machine

Step 9: Sieving

Because the particle size of the finished cassava flour is different, it needs to be separated. The sifter sieve is used to separate coarse cassava four with larger particle sizes and poorer quality.

Step 10: Packing

In order to facilitate market sales, the finished cassava flour needs to be packaged. The packaging machine is used to bag the finished cassava flour for sale.

The above is a brief introduction of cassava flour making machine. At present, our cassava flour processing line can handle 2~40 tons of raw materials per day. Henan Jinrui can be equipped with multiple lines according to the user's demand for processing capacity. [You may also want to read:Cassava processing machines and their prices]

If you want to know more details of the cassava flour process machine, we are willing to provide you with one-to-one Q&A service. Please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company. You will learn more than you expected about the cassava processing machine you are interested in.

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