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How to get cassava flour from cassava ?

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cassava flour making machine

Fresh cassava roots for making cassava flour

Cassava  is one of the most important cash crops in Africa . Cassava roots can be processed into a variety of products – including cassava flour, starch , glucose syrup  and the garri . 

The function of the cassava flour making machine is to get cassava flour from fresh cassava roots. When make the cassava flour from cassava , it will need some machine working together . The main cassava flour making machine include the cassava peeling and washing machine , cassava grating machine , hydraulic press machine , cassava flour drying machine
The main cassava flour making machine photo and function as below :
1:  Cassava peeling and washing machine 
     Function : Peel the cassava and wash it in clean water for making high quality cassava flour .
     Note : Of course , if the customer prefer to peel the cassava by hand , the cassava peeling machine will not need .
cassava flour processing machine
Cassava peeling for process cassava flour
2:  Cassava grating machine 
      Function : Grating the peeled and washed cassava into cassava mash , and separate some starch water.
cassava flour processing equipment
Cassava grating machine
3:  Hydraulic press for dewatering
      Function :  Pressing  the  cassava mash  to remove the water as much as possible to reduce the moisture content before drying . 
cassava flour production equipment
Hydraulic press
3:  Cassava flour drying machine  
     Function :  Drying  the  cassava flour  to moisture level of below 14% by hot air flash drying machine .  The drier the product the longer the storage life or the shelf life. 
cassava flour drying machine
Cassava flour drying machine 
If you want to make cassava flour from cassava , please contact with us freely .We can supply complete cassava flour making machine .

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