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How to produce garri from cassava?

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Garri is also known as gari, garry or gali, which is produced from cassava tubers. It is a popular Western Africa food, and almost everyone in Nigeria takes garri as daily food. Due to its high demand, more and more want to engage in garri processing business. But do you know how to produce garri from cassava?

To produce garri from cassava, the following steps are necessary:

Cleaning & washing - Peeling - Grating - Fermentation - Dewatering - Frying - Sieving

how to produce garri from cassavaGarri production process

Step 1. Cleaning & washing: Normally, there are normally many stones, sand, dirt, soil and other impurities attached on cassava after harvesting. So the first step of how to produce garri from cassava mainly serves to remove these debris attached to cassava. Here we adopt two machines- dry sieve and paddle washer, dry sieve for preliminary removing large debris, paddle washer to complete wash cassava.

how to produce garri from cassavaCassava cleaning and washing

Step 2. Peeling: To produce garri from cassava, the outer grey cuticle and white middle cuticle need to be peeled to facilitates further processing of cassava. DOING cassava peeling machine has a peeling rate of more than 95% which can basically remove most cassava peels.

Step 3. Grating: After peeling, the cassava is grated into mash for fermentation. To facilitate fermentation, the cassava should not be grated too fine, for the small fibers in cassava cells can promote fermentation. DOING cassava grating machine is specially designed for garri processing which has a high grating rate.

how to produce garri from cassavaCassava peeling & grating

Step 4. Fermentation: The grated cassava mash is then put into bags for 2-3 days fermentation. Different countries have different fermentation time based on different habits or weather.

Step 5. Dewatering: The fermented cassava mash needs to be dewatered, a hydraulic press is adopted to press extra water out of cassava mash. DOING hydraulic press is made of food-grade stainless steel which can ensure the quality of produced garri.

how to produce garri from cassavaGarri dewatering, frying, sieving and packaging process

Step 6. Frying: To get dry edible garri, we need to fry it with a garri fryer or pan. DOING garri frying machine can automatically stir garri to prevent stick, and to ensure the produced garri has uniform moisture content.

Step 7. Sieving and Packaging: If you want to get higher quality garri, sieving is necessary. Here we use a sieving machine to sieve out large garri particles, so that the garri is finer and can be sold at a higher price. Then using a packaging machine to pack produced garri for storage or sale.

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