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Cassava processing steps

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Generally, the first step in the cassava processing steps is peeling because the cassava outer peel is poisonous, or the cassava is first cleaned before further processing. Cassava is not resistant to storage, it is best to process it as soon as possible after excavation. The processing method for extending its storage time is usually in the form of dried cassava slices, which are sliced and dried. The cassava slices are more processed by machines because of the speed.

cassava processing plantCassava processing plant

In addition to simple cassava slices processing steps, cassava is usually processed into starch, cassava flour and garri, then they can furthered processed into many kinds of products. Cassava products are now more and more widely used, especially cassava starch is widely used in industrial production in the world. Here, Doing Company mainly introduces the industrialized cassava processing steps, that is, the cassava processing method completed by the machine. The cassava processing machine provided by Doing Company includes a complete set of cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour processing machine, garri processing machine, as well as cassava slices and drying machines.

cassava processing machinesCassava starch processing steps

Cassava starch processing steps:

Step 1: Cassava cleaning and washing: processed by dry sieve and paddle washing machine to get a good cleaning effect,

Step 2: Cassava cutting and crushing: cutting cassava into small pieces then the rasper machine will crushing the cassava into slurry to fully free the starch,

Step 3: Starch slurry separation: first the cassava starch slurry will through the centrifuge sieve to separate the fiber, then processed by fine fiber sieve to separating small fiber from the starch slurry,

Step 4: Starch slurry concentration&refinery: adopt Doing Company hydrocyclone station to concentrate and delicate scrubbing starch milk,

Step 5: Dewatering: adopt peeler centrifuge for liquid starch dewatering to get the wet starch with moisture content to 36.5%,

Step 6: Drying: wet starch through Doing Company flash dryer to make the moisture 12-18%,

Step 7: Cassava starch sieving and packing: Doing Machinery will give you the most suitable automatic cassava starch sieving and packing machine as your production scale(capacity).

cassava flour processing machineCassava flour processing steps and main machines

Cassava flour processing steps:

Step 1: Cassava cleaning and washing,

Step 2: Cassava cutting and crushing,

Step 3: Liquid cassava flour desanding and dewatering: the liquid through the desanding machine to remove the impurties then send to the plate frame filter press machine for press dewatering, after press dewater, there will get the wet cassava flour cake,

Step 4: Cassava flour cake crushing: adopt the crusher machine to crush the cassava flour cake to make sure it can drying evenly in cassava processing step.

Step 5: Wet cassava flour drying: the flash dryer also the most suitable choice for cassava flour drying process,

Step 6: Cassava flour sieving and packing.

garri production machinesGarri processing steps

Garri processing steps:

Step 1: Cassava peeling and washing: uses manpower for cassva peeling can get a good effect, the cassava peeling and washing machine adopted can get a high processing speed, Doing Company cassava peeling machine with a high peeling rate,

Step 2: Cassava grinding: Doing Company cassava gringing machine is professional to grinding the cassava,

Step 3: Fermentation: usually put the particles into sealed bags to fermentation,

Step 4: Press dewater: adopt Doing Group hydraulic press to remove the exceed moisture,

Step 5: Garri frying: Doing Company garri frying machine is very popular with a high reputation,

Step 6: Sieving and packing.

Finally, it's worth to say that Doing Company cassava flour processing steps is not include the peeling step, this is a new processing method and now it is adopted in one of cassava flour processing plant in Nigeria, proof of practice, rasper machine adopted for the cassava flour processing can get a betted quality and taste. But we also supply the cassava flour processing steps include the peeling part with another type crushing machine, you can select as your own consider. All in all, for cassava processing steps, Doing Company can manufacture and delievry the cassava processing machines to you.

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