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What is the drying machine for garri? How to dry garri?

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There are several machines in garri production line includes cassava peeler machine, cassava grater, hydraulic presser, garri fryer and garri sieving machine. It can make the garri production process hygienic and economical. The drying machine for garri is one of the important parts in garri processing plant.

What is the drying machine for garri?

The drying machine for garri, we called the garri fryer. In garri production factory, the last but important process is drying process. After fermentation, cassava mash is dewatered and then we can get wet cassava cakes, then it is broken into pieces and put into the drying machine for garri for frying. In short, the drying machine for garri is the machine that drying garri.

drying machine for garriDrying machine for garri

The mechanical garri fryer is automatic. It includes mixing system and heating system. The mixing system is driven by the motor while the heating system can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or diesel. You can choose according to your needs.

How to dry garri?

There are mainly two ways to dry garri. One is local manual way by plate in nigeria. The other is mechanical way to use drying machine for garri that designed by DOING company.

Local manual way by plate in nigeria:

The local pot is cheap in nigeria. People always build a small platform with concrete or mud, then put the pot on platform, then feeding the de-watered cassava mash on the pot to fry.

how to dry garriLocal manual way to dry garri by plate in nigeria

The mechanical drying machine for garri:

The mixing of the fryer is eccentric. The agitator shaft includes a big one and a small one. The big shaft runs around the center of the fryer and the small shaft rotates by own. During the drying machine for garri is working, the both shafts could rotates at different speed rate, and making every corners of the garri fryer could be stirred (no dead spots). Then the garri could be heated fully and evenly without pasted or burned. The paddle of the agitator shaft in the drying machine for garri is made by food grade nylon 66 with high temperature resistance. The paddle could turn to different angle flexibly so that the garri can be stirred completely and heated evenly.

how to dry garriMechanical drying machine for garri

Compared to traditional frying pot, DOING garri frying machine can save a lot of labor works. During the running of equipment, people don't need to stand by to stir fry garri to avoid paste of materials. What's more, our garri frying machine is made of full stainless steel, which can ensure materials are clean and hygienic and easy to clean after frying. Feel free to contact us at any time for more details.

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