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Frequently Asked Questions about Garri Processing Plant

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Q1: What are the major cassava producing countries?

A: Cassava, known as the "starch King," is the “lifeline” of Africa. It’s an extremely important staple food for farmers and a bioenergy crop with great potential. The global crop of cassava root tubers is about 230 million tons a year, half of which is produced on the African continent. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in Africa, with an annual output of 38 million tons and planting area of 410 hm~2. Congo (DRC), Ghana, Mozambique, Angola, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya have also become the main countries of cassava cultivation in Africa for recent years, the annual output of more than 2 million tons.


Q2: How long can cassava be stored from the time it is harvested to the time it is processed?

A: Generally, it is recommended to finish the processing within 3 days. If the transportation time is taken into account. The longest storage time should not exceed one week.

The reasons for this request are as follows:

Starch processing: The long storage time of cassava will cause the problem of converting starch into sugar, which will affect the starch yield.

Garri and flour processing: Cassava stored for a long time will deteriorate and cause waste of raw materials. In addition, considering the peeling problem, the fresher the raw material, the better the peeling effect.


Q3: What products can cassava be processed into?

A: Cassava is edible, can be used for feeding, and can also be processed into various foods and articles in industry. The approaches of uses has been dazzling. The most common cassava processed products are: Garri, Cassava flour and Cassava/Tapioca starch.

Garri, the essential food for daily Africa.

Cassava flour, which can made cake, bread, etc.

Cassava/Tapioca starch, which can be used to make glucose, maltose, alcohol, beer, bread and other foods, mostly for human consumption, and it can also be used to make chemical products such as resins. In other words, extracting starch from cassava is one of the most important utilization method of cassava.


Q4: How many tons of Garri can be produced from one ton of cassava?

A: Generally speaking, the yield ratio of cassava and Garri is 4:1, which means that 1 ton cassava can produce 0.25 tons of Garri. Actually, final garri yield ratio is influenced by many factors, for example, cassava quality, processing technology and garri processing equipment quality. Normally, the better of quality of raw material(cassava), the more advanced the processing technology, the better the quality of equipment, the better the quality of garri, the greater the output.


Q5: What are the by-products produced in the production process of Garri?

A: The by-products in Garri production are mainly out peeling dander and debris after washing and peeling. Because of its low nutritional value, we usually use it as fertilizer for the land or feed it to livestock.


Q6: What are the common processing capacities of Garri processing equipment?

A: Depend on customers’ demand and budget, we can do 500kg per day to 20tons or more per day. Please contact the company for specific plans, we will have professional sales team to help you out.


Q7: What machines will be used in Garri production process?

A: Garri production is a relatively complex process, the equipment used in Garri production process includes: Dry sieve, Paddle washing machine, Peeler, Grater, Hydraulic press machine, Fryer, Vibration sieve and package machine.


Q8: How to choose garri processing equipment if the budget is limited?

A: If your budget is limited, you can choose some necessary machines, not all machines. Like you can configure Grater, Hydraulic press machine, Fryer, and use manual in other parts.


Q9: Can Garri processing equipment be used to produce flour and starch?

A: Of course not. They are different processing lines, and the machine they used are totally different.


Q10: What preparations are needed to be done when establish a Garri processing plant?

A: To ensure the smooth development of the garri processing project, you need to do some necessary preparatory work in advance. It will include some aspects:

(1)Firstly, you need to have a stable source of raw material, it is the first condition;

(2)Then, get your capital, the most important condition in a business;

(3)Third, if you buy machines , you need a land for factory to place machines;

(4)Fourth, the factory near the source of water is better, it’s more convenient to wash your raw materials;

(5)Fifth, the machine are use electricity to drive, so electricity is necessary;

(6)Last, maybe you are busy in your project, so you can find some workers to help you, like transportation , washing.


Q11: What are the distribution channels of Garri products?

A: The best way you can do this is to visit all garri business around you to source for more information, you also can visit the garri shops and local supermarket for more information, then you will know how to sell your product in a suitable way. According to the feedback from the customers that we have cooperated, they usually sell garri to local shops, supermarkets and garri deep processing factories. A few of them will also export garri to other countries via the Internet.


Q12: What about the workshop size when set up a garri factory ?

A: The workshop size depends on the business scale of garri production lines, details as below:

1) 1t/d garri line: L*W*H 15m*3m*5m

2) 2t/d garri machine: L*W*H 18m*3m*5m

3) 3t/d garri machine: L*W*H 26m*3m*5m

4) 1t/h garri machine: L*W*H 26m*3m*5m

5) 2t/h input cassava garri machine: L*W*H 42m*8m*6m

6) 4t/h input cassava garri machine: L*W*H 60m*8m*6m

Remark: We will design the workshop size depends on your final land layout drawing.


Q13: How much is a set of garri processing equipment?

A: The garri processing equipment cost depends on the business scale(family to factory), equipment configuration, automation level, investment budget, etc. We have 3000-350000 USD plans. For the exact cost of Garri processing equipment, please contact Henan Jinrui company, our professional sales team will help you out.


Q14: What about your payment term? Can I pay directly in Naira?

A: Normally, we accept U.S dollar and pay by T/T, 50% of total value of goods should be paid as deposit, 50% balance of total value of goods should be paid before delivery. Yes, you can directly pay in Naira in Nigeria.


Q15: What about the timeline of the entire garri processing project?

A: Depends on the business scale, taking as example in Nigeria:

1) Small scale: 1t/d-5t/d small scale garri lines,

Manufacturing time : 30-40 working days

Shipping date : 55days

Clearance time: 1-2 months

Installation time : 2-3weeks

2) Bigger scale: 2t/h input & 4t/h input garri lines

Manufacturing time : 60-70 working days

Shipping date : 55days

Clearance time: 1-2 months

Installation time : 2-2.5months


Q16: What is the necessary production cost of the garri lines?

A: The necessary production cost including:

1) Raw material cost

2) Power consumption cost

3) Water consumption cost

4) Worker cost

5) Plastic bag cost

6) Others


Q17: What are the garri processing projects your company has done?

A: Henan Jinrui has done garri processing projects in many countries in the world, like:

Nigeria: 1t/h output garri production line, 500kg/h output garri production line;

Ghana: 1tpd garri processing plant;

Sierra Leon: 1tpd garri processing plant, 3tpd garri processing plant;

Benin: 1tpd garri processing plant;

Liberia: 1tpd garri processing plant;

Cameroon: 1tpd garri processing plant;

In addition to the above mentioned projects, there are many other projects, not listed here. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us


Q18: What’s the process of importing garri processing equipment? What documents are needed for custom clearance?

A: Normally our equipment price is based on FOB Qingdao, China. After machines are finished, we can arrange shipping for buyer, but buyer should take charge of shipping cost and do custom clearance in destination port.

Customs clearance documents required vary slightly by different countries:

Nigeria: CI (commercial invoice), PL (packing list), BL (bill of loading), CCVO (Combined Certificate of Value and Origin), SC (soncap certificate).

Ghana: CI, PL, BL, CO (country of origin).

Sierra Leon: CI, PL, BL, CTN.

Madagascar: CI, PL, BL, BSC.

Benin: CI, PL, BL.

Zambia: CI, PL, BL

Tanzania: CI, PL, BL

Different countries have different policies, and specific adjustments should be made according to local conditions.


Q19: Can Henan Jinrui company do custom clearance for clients?

A: 19Yes. But extra charges will be required. Different terms will get different price.


Q20: How about installation and after-sales service?

A: 20For small scale garri processing equipment, the machines are simple and already assembled before delivery, no need for installation. You just need to place machines where you need to use them and find local electrician to connect power source to motors of equipment. Besides, operation manual will be provided. For large scale garri production line, we can arrange our engineer to factory site to guide installation works, debug machines and train local workers. We provide 1 year warranty for all machines. And once there is any problem on machine running, we can provide online or video guide any time.


Q21: Why choose Henan Jinrui?

A: 1) We are professional manufacturer of garri processing machines, with almost 10 years’ experience in the field.

2) We have our own factory, which can ensure most competitive price and high quality of equipment.

3) We have professional engineer team, include process engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, installation team, etc.

4) We have done garri processing projects in many countries in the world, we have rich installation experience.

5) We provide excellent after-sales service. All our machines have one year warranty. And once there is any problem on machine running, we can provide online or video guide any time.

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