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How to make garri at home?

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Garri is the main food in Nigeria and many western African countries, which is mainly made by cassava peeling, grating, dewatering and frying. Due to its wide consumption, many African can make garri at home through simple tools. But how to make garri at home? Different places have different tools for garri making, but the garri making process is basically the same.

how to make garri at homeGarri

Here is the introduction of how to make garri at home:

Cassava pre-processing: Due to cassava is easy to rot, the harvested cassava is normally processed as soon as possible. Before processing, we need to select unrotten and good cassava and remove leaf, stone and large debris.

how to make garri at homeCassava peeling & washing

Cassava peeling: Cassava peeling is necessary because the outer peels of cassava are toxic. To make garri at home, a knife is enough for peeling, a mature worker can peel off the outmost gray peels and middle part white peels easily.

Cassava washing: The washing process requires a lot of water, washing cassava repeatly for at least two times to ensure the cleanness of washed cassava, so that the produced garri has high quality and good taste.

how to make garri at homeCassava grating & fermentation

Cassava grating: Different areas have different tools for grating, the higher efficient of the grater, the higher yield of the produced garri. Of course, if you have money, you can buy a cassava grater in local market, for it can save a lot of works.

Fermentation: The grated cassava is pulpy which needs to be packed into bags for fermentation. The period for fermentation varies due to regional difference, but basically not less than 2 days.

how to make garri at homePressing and frying step

Cassava pulp pressing:  squeezed with a presser to remove excess water content. The presser can be made at home, simple one just needs heavy woods to press packed pulp, or you can make a simple presser to dewater pulp.

Garri frying: After pressing, the cassava pulp is in cakes. Here we need to prepare a fry span to fry garri, which can further reduce the moisture content of garri, making it crispy, and extend the storage time of garri. Finally packed it into bags after cooling.

But with the development of garri processing technology, the traditional garri processing at home is not only low in efficiency but also produce low quality garri, therefore more and more people choose to use mechanical garri processing machine to make garri. The produced garri by machine has higher quality so that it can be sold to store to make more profit. If you want to process garri by garri processing machine, welcome to contact DOING.

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