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How is tapioca flour made ?

Date:Jun 19, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online

Tapioca flour is a starch extracted from cassava root. Although tapioca is a staple food for millions of people in tropical countries, it provides only carbohydrate food value, and is low in protein, vitamins and minerals. In some countries, it is used as a thickening agent in various manufactured foods.

As a tropical root crop, half of tapioca is processed into chips and seeds, and the remaining half is processed into tapioca flour. Tapioca is native to South America, and later extended to other regions of the world, such as Africa, Latin America and Asia. Tapioca is one of the three largest tuber crops in the world. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas. It plays an important role in crop layout, feed production and industrial application. Our Doing company is committed to developing the most simple and efficient machine of how is tapioca flour made.

tapioca flour making machine

Tapioca flour making machine

How is tapioca flour made is the key to the world agriculture. Processing of the fresh tapioca into tapioca flour requires the extraction machine called Hydrocyclone unit. The Hydrocyclone unit is used in the production of tapioca flour washing process to separate some protein, fine fiber and soluble impurities. In addition, improving the quality of starch is the point of the machine. The cyclone can also be used for clarification and wastewater treatment of fruit juice.

The inside Hydrocyclone pipe is made of strengthened nylon with great separation effect and long service life, the internal pipeline structure is optimized by computer. Attractive appearance and reasonable design of the machine, easy and reliable operation in the process of how is tapioca flour made, with the unique design of cavity sealing structure is simple and efficient.

tapioca crusher

Tapioca flour making machine for tapioca crushing

This machine is mainly used for the process of how is tapioca flour made, it can be used for separating the starch and protein (including sweet potato, potato, corn, wheat, etc.) Hydrocyclone unit can reach the effect of gas-gas separation, liquid-liquid separation and liquid-solid separation according to density. The first step is washing and cleaning the tapioca flour/ starch; then refining the concentrated tapioca flour; lastly recovering the running starch and cell liquid, so as to ensure the high yield of the starch. The device can automatically complete these three links without manual intervention. The Hydrocyclone unit developed by our company can meet the European standards. It has the characteristics of high automation, intelligent control of output and quality, saving manpower and material resources.

tapioca flour processing plant

Tapioca flour processing plant made by DOING in Nigeria

In recent years, with the rapid development of starch industry, the application of Hydrocyclone is becoming more and more extensive. It is the ideal equipment for refining, washing and concentrating starch in the process of how is tapioca flour made.

Tapioca flour making machine is the most effective means of the answer for how is tapioca flour made production now. Relying on the development of mechanical production, the tapioca flour making machine has realized the simple and efficient tapioca starch production standard. No matter the quality of tapioca flour making or the demand for quantity, DOING stable tapioca flour machines can achieve full satisfaction.

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