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What's the main process about production of cassava flour ?

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The production of cassava flour is a powdery particle that is pulverized and dried after the cassava is peeled. It is also a powdery particle that is crushed after peeling and drying. It is a production line project of low investment and high return.

cassava flour production process

Cassava and cassava flour

Cassava roots is staple and important food for African countries. So the production of cassava flour is vital for them. The cassava root contains a high amount of flour containing proteins. Cassava flour processing machine can process raw cassava roots/tubers into food-grade flour. Cassava is a surface rough plants. Our task is making high efficient flour processing machine for the customer. Cassava flour processing line using the wet process of the production of cassava flour, do not add any additives, the entire process is mature and advanced equipment.

cassava flour production machine

Main cassava flour production process

The demand for the production of cassava flour in African countries is considerable. However, it is understood that at present, Africa's cassava flour production enterprises are few and far between, and it can be imagined that the future development of the production of cassava flour and related machinery enterprises.

The production line of the production of cassava flour from raw material: Cleaning - peeling - crushing - dehydration - drying. Output from 200 kilograms per hour to 10000 kilograms. The main equipment is conveyor, cleaning and peeling machine, Rasper, dehydrator, dryer. Here are two of the whole steps of the processing production of cassava flour:

cassava cleaning machine

Cassava cleaning and washing

1. The purpose of cleaning is to remove sand and soil, outer peel, besides that it can reduce flour ash and facilitate the work of the next process. There is no gap in the rotary cage, so the cassava cannot roll and reach the purpose of peeling and cleaning. Operators should also pay attention to the pressure of water, if it is too low with no sediment, the general water pressure cannot lower than 0.25Mpa. The machine usually works seven days to add a lubricating oil.

cassava crushing machine

Cassava crushing machine

2. The part near the main stem is lignification because cassava root is long. The purpose of crushing is to ensure that the mill runs normally. Some factories do not have crushing technology to increase the load of the mill and reduce the service life of rasper machine. Improve the yield and quality of the production of cassava flour. During operation, observe the temperature of the motor and the sound of the machine. The amount of water added to the trip should be moderate, and the less broken materials cannot be taken away, resulting in more waste. In addition, we should grasp the tightness of the toothed belt and reduce the crusher efficiency.

In the process of operation, please pay attention to the number of materials stored in the grinder, and timely open the transfer pump, so that the material can be sent to the upper process. From cleaning to rasping, the whole set of equipment is a continuous operation, and the pulp slag is sent to the post process after comminution, so the operator will play the role of connecting up and down, and plays an important role in the normal continuous operation of the whole equipment line for acquiring the production of cassava flour.

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