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How starch is made from cassava ?

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The production process about how starch is made from cassava is actually a physical separation process, which is to separate cellulose, protein, inorganic salt and other substances from starch. According to the properties that starch is insoluble in cold water and its specific gravity is larger than that of water, the starch is separated from the suspension of water by using the special function of machinery.

The whole process about how starch is made from cassava is divided into four main sections: fragmentation, screening, separation and drying, and 10 control points for conveying, cleaning, crushing, screening, sand removal, separation, dehydration, drying, air cooling and packaging.

cassava starch production machine

Cassava starch production process

Then the next is the detailed process about how starch is made from cassava

1. Acquisition and transportation of raw materials

Raw material is the basis of production, the quality of raw material is the decisive factor of product quality, and it is also the key to determine the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, we must do a good job in the acquisition of raw materials. The acquisition radius of raw materials is generally 50 km, short distance, to buy time and save freight. After the cassava which have been dug, the mud, sand, roots, and wooden parts should be removed and are stacked on the clean ground, to avoid mixing with debris, especially not to be mixed with iron blocks. Factory owners should be planned to collect, dig, purchase, and collect and dig on the same day, and transport on the same day. Pounds and processing  should be at the same day,  in order to ensure the raw materials fresh and improve the quality and recovery of starch.

2. Transportation of fresh cassava

Then fresh cassava are fed into the conveyor hopper with a scraper, then are uniformly transported to the dry sieve, then into the cleaning machine, and are transported to the rasper by the cleaning machine.Then the cleaning machine and crusher working regularly, and ensure that the uniform, moderate, normal supply.

cassava starch processing plant

Doing Company cassava starch processing plant

3. cassava cleaning and washing

Fresh cassava is a key in the process of how starch is made from cassava. Dry sieve is to remove a portion of cassava sediment, and then feed the material into paddle washing machine. Paddle washing machine then rotates its paddle to wash raw material with water. It adopts countercurrent prnciple, then cassava will be washed clean.

4. cassava crushing

The purpose of crushing is to destroy the tissue structure of cassava, so that the tiny starch granules can be disintegrated and separated from the tuber roots smoothly. Rasper is a kind of high speed crusher. It has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, easy installation, easy maintenance and so on.

cassava crusher


5. cassava starch milk stirring

The function of the mixing tank is to store the original pulp and milk pulp; to balance the milk concentration; to adjust the pH of the milk pulp; to help the separation of starch; to avoid starch precipitation; to facilitate pulping and control of milk concentration. However, it is necessary to master the stirring time. If the time is more than 1 hour, it will make the starch milk sour and liquefy, which will reduce the recovery rate and viscosity of the finished starch.

6. cassava starch screening and washing

Screening and washing of raw pulp is the key to the recovery of starch. It is necessary to screen and wash clean, and the starch content of potato residue (dry base) is less than 35%. In the process about how starch is made from cassava, starch milk must go through centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve, the two machines can remove cell liquid and fiber and improve the starch milk concentration.

vacuum filter

Starch dewatering

7. starch milk de-sanding

In the process about how starch is made from cassava, disc separator and hydrocyclone unit plays key roles in starch production. Since the specific gravity of mud and sand is larger than that of water and starch particles, so it is effective to separate mud and sand by specific gravity separation. The starch milk was pumped into the hydrocyclone unit device by pressure pump, and the mud, sand, top and bottom mud were removed by hydrocyclone unit , and the purpose of swirling sand removal was achieved.

8. starch milk refining

Disc separator is based on the water, starch, yellow pulp specific gravity of the principle of separation. It takes only a few minutes to complete the whole process of washing and condensing satrch milk, so the microorganism infection is avoided, the product quality is more stable, and the extraction rate of the product is improved accordingly.

9. starch milk dehydration

The concentrated starch milk obtained from the separation process still contains a large amount of water. Dehydration must be carried out in order to improve the drying efficiency. Through the high-speed rotation of the peeler centrifuge, most of the moisture is thrown out of the filter gap of the screen. The moisture content of wet starch should be lower than 35% in order to save energy, reduce cost and improve yield and quality.

cassava processing machine

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10. cassava starch drying and packing

At present, most starch manufacturers use a negative pressure  flash dryer, the whole drying process is completed in a moment. Starch degradation or deterioration risk does not exist. In order to ensure the uniformity of starch granules, after air cooling into the finished sieve. After sifting starch, packing, weighing, acceptance, storage. The moisture of final product is about 12%. After drying, the finished cassava starch will be sieved by sieving machine. Then the final product will be packed by automatic packing machine. Storage products should be divided into  piles, the warehouse should be moisture-proof treatment.

In short, the whole process about how starch is made from cassava mainly includes such machines as dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, disc separator, hydrocyclone unit, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, starch sieving machine and automatic packing machine.

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