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How to make tapioca flour from cassava ?

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What is tapioca flour?

Tapioca flour comes from the root of the cassava. It basically the same thing as cassava starch, tapioca flour now is more and more popular all over the world, widely used in the industrial production. Compared with corn starch or potato starch, tapioca flour/ cassava starch with higher efficiency, my country China has been one of the main importing country.

Then how to make tapioca flour from cassava?

There are several major sections of how to make tapioca flour from cassava: Cleaning &Washing Sections, Peeling Section, Crushing and Milling Sections, De-watering sections, Drying section, Packing Section. Below is the main machinery used for make tapioca flour:

tapioca flour production machine

Main tapioca flour maing machine

On the following is two of the main sections of how to make tapioca flour from cassava:

In the tapioca flour rasping process, the purpose of the Rasper is to break down the tissue cells of tuber materials subtly. The machine is made of stainless steel, the rotor is forged with special stainless steel, and the rotor is installed with hundreds of specially designed 1.25mm thick two-way composite files. The file in the tapioca flour milling process is sandwiched between two conical splint plates, and it is inserted in the conical groove of the rotor to facilitate quick replacement. It is the first important answer of how to make tapioca flour from cassava.

tapioca crushing machine

Tapioca rasping machine

In order to seperate the protein and cell liquid, disc separator is one of the settling centrifuges used to separate difficult separation materials (such as a suspension consisting of a viscous liquid and a fine solid particle or a emulsion of close density liquid). The disc separator is the most widely used sedimentation centrifuge. The efficiency and economic benefits  of tapioca flour are greatly improved. Disc separator in the process of how to make tapioca flour from cassava: investment casting, high temperature, high pressure, environmental protection and sanitation.

The disc seperator(click to learn more details) has reasonable design and beautiful appearance, it is versatility, exquisite and durable. The working principle of disc separator is that the centrifugal field force is generated on the basis of the high speed rotation of the equipment. The centrifugal force is different from the centrifugal force in the centrifugal field force according to the specific gravity of the material. The heavier solids are deposited on the drum wall, and the solids and a small amount of liquid are discharged out of the machine through the control of PLC. The light liquid phase flows along the outer cone of the disc towards the axis, and the upper part passes through the light liquid centripetal pump, and is discharged from the liquid outlet. So as to achieve the separation of solid and light liquid in the process for how to make tapioca flour from cassava.

disc seperator

DOING disc seperator

Tapioca flour is made from tapioca raw material. Tapioca belongs to high fiber food. Tapioca flour is the powder that the tapioca is dehydrated and dried after starch extraction. It has two main categories: starch and various modified starch. It is widely used in food industry and non food industry. DOING has own its factory and the entire high extraction process of how to make tapioca flour from cassava. We are able to offer you the best service, production and competitive price of the plant of how to make tapioca flour from cassava.

tapioca flour plant

DOING tapioca flour machinery

A lot of people wonder whether tapioca flour and tapioca starch are the same thing, so there are some questions appeared, like can we use tapioca flour processing line to produce tapioca starch; what is the difference between tapioca flour and tapioca starch.

The answer of how to make tapioca flour from cassava is totally same as the answer of tapioca starch making. The production technology of tapioca flour and tapioca starch is same.  Tapioca flour is a kind of starch processed through a whole processing line. The processing technology is complex and professional, including peeling, cleaning, crushing, sieving, filtration, concentration, dehydration, drying, sieving and so on. The fine and high quality starch particles are produced by industrial line. (most of the sediment, fiber and protein) have been removed during the entire processing of how to make tapioca flour from cassava.

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