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How is cassava flour produced?

Date:May 17, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online

Now “how is cassava flour produced” is a popular topic in the world economy. As the cassava flour needs the raw material of fresh cassava, after harvesting cassava, mud, sand, roots, wood and wood should be removed and stacked on clean ground so as not to be mixed with sundries. It is requested that the harvest cassava, enter the plant, weigh, on the same day to ensure the freshness of raw materials, thereby improving the processing capacity, quality and recovery rate. (click here to see the cassava flour processing video)

The cassava flour is a granular product processed with the special technology and equipment of the fresh cassava root. This processing technology makes the product greatly guarantee the integrity of the cell structure and make the free flour very few, thus ensuring the original flavor of the cassava flour. In order to know the secret of how is cassava flour produced, our company has been researching the producing for many years.

how is cassava flour produced

Doing Company cassava flour production machine

Here is the main steps of how is cassava flour produced:

The first step is cleaning and washing, dry sieve can remove dirt, sand and small stones. According to the multi-screw operation, the blade cleaning machine can remove the sediment and impurities on the surface of cassava. At the same time, the outer skin of cassava can be simply disposed of. Also can be performed manually. The section is the very beginning step how is cassava flour produced.

The second step of how is cassava flour produced is peeling , the main part of the cassava peeling machine (click to see the peeling video)is a peeling chamber. To remove the skin of cassava and reduce the difficulty of grinding, peeling is the first operation of the cassava tuber harvesting and cleaning. Depending on the user's different processing characteristics, different models can be provided to meet your needs. Our machine is stainless steel body structure with high quality.

how is cassava flour produced

Cassava flour production process

The third step is crushing and milling:cassava flour crusher is a device which use high speed rotating knife to break raw material into mush. Large crushing capacity, strong production capacity, uniform product size, low energy consumption, simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, high toughness. All the above is the advantage of the crusher.

The fourth step is slurry de-sanding and de-watering: cassava slurry is pumped into the cyclone de-sanding machine. The impurities will be separated and collected into a container discharging. Then cassava slurry is pumped into press de-watering machine to remove excess water to get the wet cassava mash.

how is cassava flour produced

Main cassava flour production machine

The fifth step is pressing, plate and frame filter press is dewatering machine which utilize pressure to remove the liquid from a liquid-solid slurry. A plate and frame filter press is the most fundamental design, this type of filter press consists of many plates and frames assembled alternately with the supports of a pair of rails. When the separating chamber is full, the filtration process is stopped as the optimum pressure difference is reached. The solids remain in the void between the plates, until the plates discharge the filtered solids. The machine is a main step of how is cassava flour produced.

The sixth step is drying, flash dryer is the last step of making cassava flour. According negative system, the product can be dried completely.

The thesis of the article: how is cassava flour produced, and the market demand of cassava flour is considerable, and the large production enterprises of cassava flour in African countries are few and far between. The future development of cassava flour production can be imagined. We can offer best service and professional group when the businessman is looking for the answer of how is cassava flour produced.

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