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How to extract potato starch?

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Potato starch contains high content of  starch. But how to extract potato starch from potatoes, the text will show the details of potato starch processing line. Usually, the procedure about how to extract potato starch includes potato cleaning and washing, potato crushing, potato starch extraction,  starch slurry concentration and purification,  potato starch dewatering and drying and  starch sieving and packing.

potato starch production plant

Potato starch production plant

1. The first step about how to extract potato starch is potato cleaning and washing. This section is mainly done by potato dry sieve and paddle washing machine.

a.Dry sieve: fresh  potatoes are transported to the dry sieve, and the machine removes some sands  and small stones which are attached on the surface of sweet potato and some peel of potatoes. It runs stably so as to make the material free of damage. It has multiple inner spirals which can be adopted to push material moving forward.

b.Paddle washing machine: under the principle of countercurrent, the machine serviced for how to extract potato starch can clean out mud, sand and small stones effectively. By the effect of outer spirals` pushing, sediment and other impurities deposited between drum outer wall and tank bottom can be cleaned effectively. It also runs stably, which lowers the material damage  and improves extraction rate of starch processing.

potato starch extraction process

Potato starch production process

2. The second step about how to extract potato starch is potato crushing, mainly worked  by rasper.

Rasper: potato rasper can make high extraction of bound starch. Potato rasper is a high-efficiency crushing equipment. It is one of the achievements of Doing company cooperates with international advanced technology. The  contact surface is stainless steel, so it meets hygiene requirements.

rasper for potato starch extract


Rasper technical parameters:

Model CM-250 CM-300 CM-350 CM-500 CM-600
Rotor width(mm) 250 300 350 500 600
Power(kw) 7.5-15 55-90 110-132 160-200 200-250
Weight(kg) 1500 2700 3200 3800 4500
Capacity(t/h) ≤6 ≤12 ≤20 ≤30 40

3. The third step about how to extract potato starch is starch slurry concentration and purification of potato starch, which is mainly  worked by centrifuge sieve, fin fiber sieve, disc fiber sieve and disc separator.

a. Centrifuge sieve: it is mainly used to remove the fiber out of starch slurry. The sieve basket is made of titanium plate. Its automatic front and back washing system guarantee good screen penetration and ensure high efficiency operation of equipment.

b. Fine fiber sieve: it is mainly used for separating small fiber from starch slurry according to its own gravity and low centrifugal force function by screen mesh inside the drum. It can deal with large capacity.

c.Disc separator: it is a kind of settling centrifuge, which is widely used in the process about how to extract  potato starch. It is not only used to separate protein and liquid out of slurry, but also used for enrichment and purification of potato starch slurry.

potato starch extraction machine

DOING centrifuge sieve

d. Hydrocyclone station:  the machine can be used to remove fiber, protein and cell out potato starch slurry, which includes 3steps:concentrating, recovering and washing.

4. The fourth step about how to extract potato starch is dewatering, worked by vacuum filter.

Vacuum filter: the dewatering machine is pneumatic controlled  scraping blade discharging and the scraper is made of high hardness alloy. It can dewater the starch effectively, and the final water content is 38%~42%.

how to extract potato starch

DOING vacuum filter

5. The fifth step about how to extract potato starch is starch drying, worked by professional starch dryer.

a.Starch air dryer: The machine with negative pressure system is used to dehydrate potato starch. Besides, there is  a special cooling system, which guarantees the moisture uniformity of the finished starch and long distance transportation.

6. The last step about how to extract potato starch is to sieve starch by sieving machine and to pack the final product by packing machine.

All in all, this is a complete process introduction of how to extract potato starch. All the machines above all are made by DOING Company. It not only has professional installation team with rich experience but also have good after-sale service.

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