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How to produce cassava flour ?

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how to produce cassava flour

How to produce cassava flour

As the professional cassava flour production machinery supplier in China, Henan Doing Company can provide you the advanced cassava flour production line project. Then the below is the answer to how to produce cassava flour.

The basic unit operations in cassava flour production from fresh cassava roots are:

Sorting and Weighing: The tubers are sorted to select the wholesome roots for production. The tubers are then weighed.

cassava washing and peeling machine

Cassava washing and peeling machine

Peeling and washing section : The weighed cassava roots are peeled manually to reduce high peeling loss associated with mechanical peelers due to irregular shape of cassava root. Peeled root is washed with sufficient quantity of potable water to remove sand, dirt and other contaminants.

Grating: The root is grated to cassava mash.

cassava flour processing machine

Cassava crushing machine

Detoxification: The cassava mash is detoxified mechanically in a mash agitator for a period of time to eliminate the toxic hydrogen cyanide present in cassava.

Dewatering: The moisture content of the mash is reduced mechanically to about 50% to prepare for drying operation.

Granulation: The resultant cake from dewatering process is disintegrated into fine granules using hammer mill.

cassava flour processing machine

Cassava flour drying machine

Drying: Granulation process is followed by drying operation to produce cassava flour of desired quality.

Milling: The flour obtained is milled to desired particle size.

Sieving and Packaging: The flour is sieved and packaged appropriately.
cassava flour processing machine
Cassava flour processing machine
As the professional cassava flour processing machine manufacturer in China, besides the cassava flour processing machine, we still can provide you the high quality cassava starch production machine and the garri making machine. Welcome to visit our factory. 

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