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How to produce starch from cassava?

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how to produce starch from cassava

Cassava roots

Cassava is a long tuberous starchy root ,contain from 20 to 32% of starch at maturity.  The cassava roots can be processed into cassava starch ( aslo called tapioca starch ) for  many industrial use. 


How to produce starch from cassava 

Cassava starch production process flow


How to produce starch from cassava ?

Cassava starch is produced primarily by the wet milling of fresh cassava roots . The  production process is as below :

1.Cassava receiving

The cassava roots are stored in the reception yard on a concrete floor. 

2.Cleaning and washing

From  buffer bin the cassava tubers are fed into the rotating screen for dry cleaning to remove loose dirt, sand, and gravel. Then the cassava roots enter the washing station. Paddle washers and rotary

washers are  used for washing the soil or dirt on the roots to make refining easier.

3. Milling or Rasping

Milling or rasping is the first step in the starch extraction process. The goal is to open all the root cells and release all starch granules. 

Hammer crusher or rasper can be chosen for different varieties and conditions of raw material in order to obtain the best milling efficiency

3. Extraction

The extraction is a counter current process.  The centrifugal sieve is the main machine for the starch extraction  by water washing the cassava slurry. Then starch  juice will separate with residue . 

The pressure screen is followed for separate the fine fibres from starch juice. 


De-sanding cyclone uses the unique water separation system to remove the sands for getting high quality cassava starch,

5. Refining and concentration

Excess juice is removed on a couple of hydrocyclone concentrators. The concentrated starch "crude starch milk " is washed on the refining hydrocyclone units to get the purity starch milk.  

After Hydrocyclone refining ,  the protein content in starch milk can meet the quality requirements of different standard;

6.Dewatering and Drying, Sieving

The vacuum dehydrator will remove the excess water from the purity starch milk to get the wet starch (moisture about 38%) , then feed wet starch to the our patent steam crash starch dryer , to dry the starch by the hot air in short time at low temperature (drying temperature aroud 45 Celsius). The dry starch moisure is 13%~14%. Then sieve the dry starch to get requirement size starch .

7. Product Packaging and storage

Packing the sieved dry starch into bag by auto-packing machine or manual , then put the packed starch into warehourse for storage. 


Our company supply the complete set cassava starch processing plant . More information about the cassava starch production and the cassava starch processing plant ,please contact us freely . 

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