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Establish the cassava processing plant, include casssava starch processing plant, cassava flour plant and garri processing plant



Which products can be processed from cassava tubers?

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Cassava is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics, after rice and maize. Cassava is a major staple food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for over half a billion people. It is one of the most drought-tolerant crops, capable of growing on marginal soils. Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava, while Thailand is the largest exporter of dried cassava.

cassava tubers

Cassava tubers

Cassava processing industry could brig various kinds of products. The cassava products has a wide range of industrial uses. The main products of cassava processing are cassava pellet, dry cassava chips, cassava flour processing and cassava starch processing, Garri processing etc.

cassava flour processing machine

cassava flour processing machine

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine

Cassava pellets could be used as animal feeding. Dry cassava chips could be used to process industrial ethanol, vinegar, citric acid, ethyl acid and so on. Cassava starch can be used as an important raw material for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, glue, textile, paper, paint, dye, plywood, sugar, monosodium glutamate, bactericidal drugs and other industrial products. In addition, the tender stems and leaves of cassava can also raise poultry, livestock, fish, silkworms and other animals.

cassava processing machine

Cassava processing machine

our cassava starch processing plant are installated in NIgeria

Our cassava starch processing plant are installated in NIgeria

Above is a picture that we build in Nigeria about cassava starch processing and cassava flour processing.

Our company could supply the complete cassava starch processing plant, the cassava flour processing plant, as well as Garri processing plant. If you have any questions about the cassava production machine,weclome to contact us.

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