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What is the significance of fermentation in garri processing?

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Fermentation is an important process in the processing of garri. Fermentation has three main functions, that is eliminating toxicity in cassava, improving garri flavor, and ensuring garri product stability.

significance of fermentation in garri processingGarri processing

1. Eliminating the toxicity in cassava

Garri is made from cassava and is generally consumed as food directly after processing. But we all know that cassava contains some toxic compounds, such as cyanogenic glycosides and linoleurin. Therefore, the elimination of toxins from cassava is an essential step. Fermentation is an important step for cassava detoxification during garri processing.

2. Improving garri flavor

If you ate garri, you will know that garri has a special taste, and the taste was developed during fermentation. Under the action of microorganisms, the grated cassava pulp begins to ferment, forming a unique flavor. The length of fermentation time also affects the taste of garri. Normally garri is fermented for 2 or 5 days according to different temperature and habits.

significance of fermentation in garri processingFermentation in garri processing

3. Ensuring garri product stability

Another important function of fermentation in garri processing is to ensure the stability of garri and extend its shelf life. Cassava is highly perishable and has a short storage time, but through garri processing and fermentation, it can be stored for 6 months or more, which is important for people who take garri as main food.

All in all, fermentation plays a significance role in garri processing. For garri processing, the fermentation method commonly is to put the grated cassava pulp into bags and tie it tightly, then take about 2-5 days sealed fermentation. This method is easy to operate also can ensure its clean.

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