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What machines are needed in cassava starch production process?

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In recent years, the food industry is more and more developed, and the market demand for cassava starch is also increasing. The automatic cassava starch production line processing equipment has become the choice of many investors. The main equipment used in the production process of cassava starch are dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, hydro-cyclone station, peeler centrifuge,flash dryer, vibration sieve. The following article will introduce the use of each equipment in the process of cassava starch production process from three sections: cleaning, processing and drying.

cassava starch processing lineCassava starch production process

①Cleaning section:

First, use a dry sieve to remove the larger impurities on the cassava raw material, such as small rocks and weeds; then, paddle washing machine will wash the surface of the cassava raw material, such as sediment and other impurities, and it also has the role of peeling.

cassava starch processing machineDry sieve

②Processing section:

The cleaned cassava will be cut into chunks by the cutting machine and then placed into the rasper for consultation. The starch pulp after grinding to the centrifuge sieve will be screened out to separate starch and fiber; Then, a fine fiber sieve is used to remove the fiber, leaving cassava starch pulp, which has great effects on separating the pulp and slag in the production process of cassava starch. A hydro-cyclone station is then used to remove the protein and cell fluid from the starch emulsion, which is an extremely important step in the production of cassava starch.

cassava starch processing machineCentrifuge sieve

③Drying section:

Using a peeler centrifuge to dehydrate the starch milk into the wet starch with about 40% moisture, and then put it into the flash dryer for drying treatment. Finally, the dried starch is screened by vibration sieve to obtain cassava starch.

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