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What factors should be considered when establishing a cassava processing plant?

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Cassava is one of the three major tuber crops and is the food of nearly 600 million people around the world. Cassava plays an important role in food industry, medicine industry, paper industry, chemical industry, etc. The wide application of cassava corresponds to the strong demand, cassava processing has great potential. Therefore, many people want to establish a cassava processing plant, but may have doubts: What factors should be considered when establishing a cassava processing plant? The following article will explain it to you in details.

If you want to establish a cassava processing plant,you mainly needs to find raw material source, assure the scale of production,acquire plant land,purchase cassava processing equipment,apply for business certificates and hire workers.

①Find raw material source

The first factor you need to consider is whether you have enough cassava raw material source for processing,and if you don’t,you may need to order cassava from a cassava farmer.

②Assure the scale of production

After determining the raw material source, you also need to assure the scale of cassava production. Because you need to order the appropriate specifications of cassava processing equipment for cassava processing according to the scale of production.

cassava processing equipmentCassava processing equipment

③Acquire a plant land

To build a cassava processing plant, you also need to accquire a plant land. You can purchase or lease a plant land if you don’t own one.

④Purchase cassava processing equipment

Cassava processing equipment is the core of a cassava processing plant, which is directly related to the output, fineness, whiteness, taste and so on. Three kinds of cassava products can be obtained by cassava processing, which are cassava flour, cassava starch and Garri. The selection of cassava processing equipment can be carefully considered according to the cassava products you want to produce, the processing technology of the equipment, the quality and configuration of the equipment. A set of suitable cassava processing equipment can help you harvest higher economic benefits. Henan Jinrui Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava processing equipment,which had attached the market attention and many customers’ recognition. No matter what kind of cassava processing equipment you want, we can supply you with the corresponding equipment at factory price.

cassava productionsCassava processing products

⑤Apply for business certificates

Applying for business certificates is the key to establish a cassava processing plant. The establishment of a cassava processing plant requires various certificates, including business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, employee health certificate, food market license, etc. You can apply for relevant business certificates according to local policies.

⑥Hire workers

You need to hire workers, engineers, drivers and other relevant staffs to assist you in running the day to day activities in your cassava processing business . If you are interested in high quality and low price cassava processing equipment, we can not only provide you with price lists of equipment, but also develop a detailed professional construction scheme to help you ensure the smooth progress of the entire cassava processing plant, welcome to inquire.

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