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What steps are involved in the production process of garri?

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Garri is a major fufu recipe and is processed from cassava. Many people are fond of garri, this has promoted the development of the Garri processing and manufacturing industry. As a professional garri processing machine manufacturer and supplier, our company has received many inquiries about the garri production process, which the article will show you in details, please read on. The steps involved in the production process of garri production mainly includes seven parts: cleaning, peeling, pulping, dewatering, crushing, drying, screening.

garri production processGarri production process

①Cleaning: to clean the impurities attached to the cassava raw material

First, put the cassava into the dry sieve to clean the dirt and sand particles, as well as mixed weeds and small rocks. Secondly, the paddle washing machine will use counter-current washing principle to remove the mud, sand and other impurities in cassava raw materials effectively.

②Peeling: to remove outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava

Use cassava peeling machine to remove outer peels and subcutaneous cuticle of cassava.This step will give the cassava a more perfect taste.

③Pulping: to crush the cassava into cassava pulp

The cassava raw material will be crushed by cassava grating machine, which is helpful to crush the cassava material into watery, pulpy mash. And then you need store the pulp at room temperature so it ferments properly. Give the pulp 24-48 hours to complete the fermentation process.

garri processing machineCassava grating machine

④Dewatering: to dewater the cassava pulp into cassava powdery cake

After fermentation, you can transfer the pulp into the dewatering machine.The dewatering machine use the principle hydraulic press,it will directly squeeze the water of cassava pulp and discharge out of the charging barrel. After dewatering, you can get the cassava powdery cake.

⑤Crushing: to crush the powdery cake into cassava powder

The cassava powdery cake will be crushed by hammer crusher,which can use high speed rotating knife to break the cassava powdery cake into cassava powder.

⑥Drying: to dry the cassava powder into garri

After crushing,you can use the automatic garri fryer to dry the cassava powder into garri. The garri fryer has the brilliant features like heating fast, temperature stable and so on.

⑦Screening:to screen the different particles and powdery garri

The vibration sieve can separate different particles and powdery garri well through a variety of different screening ways to meet the high quality production of garri.

Compared with traditional handicraft industry, with the help of high-quality garri processing machine, investors will be able to produce garri products more efficiently. If you have interests in our automatic garri processing machine, not only can we supply you with garri processing machine at factory prices according to your garri production capacity, but also can offer factory visit,technical Installation Instructions activities and so on. If you are interested in our garri processing machine,please feel free to contact Henan Jinrui Company at any time.

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