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Cassava cleaning machine

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1. Cassava cleaning machine introduction

Cassava cleaning machine used for cassava processing is named dry sieve, whose main function is to remove impurities attached on cassava. For cassava processing, cassava cleaning is necessary and important. For cleaning ensures that cassava will not be contaminated by impurities during grating process, and can reduce the hassle of impurities cleaning in later stage. But due to the cleaning process will produce a lot of impurities, cassava cleaning machine is generally recommended to be installed outside the plant.

cassava cleaning machine Dry sieve

2. Structure of cassava cleaning machine

The structure of cassava cleaning machine is quite simple. It is mainly consists of inner spiral, frame, a collection tank. And we can customize cassava cleaning machine for customers who have special requirements.

3. Technical parameters:

Model Capacity(t/h) Cage Diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Roller Length(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Weight(kg)
DYGS100 10-15 Φ1000 18 4000 5.5 4.0*2.2*1.5 2800
DYGS140 20-30 Φ1400 18 6000 11 6.0*2.35*1.78 3500

Cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning

Although simple in structure, dry sieve also has different design for different situation.

Based on different soil cassava grows, cassava cleaning machine have two designs, that is simple one, and dry sieve that with spray system at the end part. Normally a simple dry sieve can meet the requirements of cassava that harvested from sandy land. But for cassava that grows from sticky soil always contains soil, dirt and other debris that is not easily be cleaned. Therefor a spray system can be installed at the end part of cassava cleaning machine to wash away the soil and other impurities.

cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning machine ready for shipping

4. Working principle of dry sieve:

The working principle of cassava cleaning machine is friction and collision.  When cassava cleaning machine starts, the inner spiral rotates at a speed of 18 r/m which takes the cassava forward in a circular way. In this way the collision between cassava and the inner wall of dry sieve as well as between cassava will remove most of debris. For those cassava cleaning machine with spraying system, the cassava can be cleaned more thoroughly.  The debris will fall to the collection tank and be cleaned regularly.

cassava cleaning machineCassava cleaning machine

Cassava cleaning machine is always connected with a belt conveyor and a cassava washing machine. Belt convey transport cassava into cleaning machine, but it should notice that the belt conveyor should be tilted at less than 23 degrees, or the cassava may fall off. And a dart is required between dry sieve and cassava washing machine. The dart can prevent cassava from falling off when it is transported to the next process. Doing Company has professional engineer who can design this part and control the error of the drawing less than 5 mm.  

cassava cleaning machineCassava processing machine installation in Tanzania

5. Equipment main features:

1). Simple structure, simple operation, easy to maintain.

2). Structure can be adjusted according to debris on cassava and customer's need.

3). Stable rotating speed of inner spiral, which not only can remove debris but also ensures cassava will not be damaged.

4). Large processing capacity, low power consumption.

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