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China Henan Doing Company designed and manufactured cassava grating machine is mainly used for garri processing,it is also named liquid mash separator. Compared with hammer crusher or other common crushing machine, Doing Company's cassava grating machine is more suitable for garri processing. On the one hand, it can separate the cassava mash and liquid directly, then the cassava mash can be directly bagged for fermentation, improve the production efficiency.

cassava grating machineDOING cassava grater

On the other hand, is due to the special design of the structure of our cassava grating machine, so that the fibers are not separated after grating, which is more conducive to fermentation. The cassava grating machine has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable and compact structure, and safe and convenient use. Grating and separation are done in one time. In addition to producing garri, it is also suitable for small-scale cassava flour processing.

1. Cassava grating machine structure:

The cassava grating machine mainly composed of machine body, roller, main shaft, base, filter net, etc. It has simple structure and reasonable layout. It adopts long-type separation barrel, and the separation effect of cassava mash is better.

2. Working principle:

Adopting the nail roller, the fresh cassava is cut into filaments in the process of high-speed rotation, no blockiness, less slag, no clogging of the filter net, ensuring stable operation of the machine for a long time, and capable of completing coarse crushing and separation at one time. The process of automatic filtration and separation of cassava mash, while the nail is sharp and wear-resistant, ensuring the continuity of the operation, the performance of the crusher is excellent, the structure is reasonable and compact, the use is reliable, the production efficiency is high, the labor saving and time saving, this cassava grating machine is the most ideal garri processing equipment.

Cassava grating machineCassava grating machine working video

3. Equipment advantages:

(1) Fully enclosed energy-saving cassava grating machine with excellent performance, reasonable structure, compact, safe and reliable.

(2) High efficiency, labor saving, time saving, separation of cassava mash at one time, crushing even and delicate.

(3) Will not separate the fiber from the cassava mash, which is good for fermentation.

cassava grating machineCassava grating & grated cassava

4. Equipment installation method:

(1) The whole machine should be installed smoothly, and the inclination angle is not more than 10 degrees.

(2) Using a single motor, the power line should be 4 square copper core wire.

5. Maintenance of cassava grating machine:

(1) Check whether the processed materials are clean and free of debris;

(2) After each work, the machine should be cleaned and the bearings filled with butter.

cassava grating machineInner structure of cassava grater

6. Safety precautions

(1) When installing, please pay attention to the direction of rotation.

(2) The protective device of the exposed part should be in good condition.

(3) before maintenance, must first completely cut off the power.

(4) When using the motor as power, ensure that the power contacts are protected from water splashes to prevent electric shock.

cassava grating machineCassava grater machine used in garri processing line

Production safety:

(1) Before use, carefully read the manual, familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, use and adjustment methods, check whether the fasteners are tightened, and whether the steering is the same as the specified direction.

(2) When start the machine you must be sure no one around thecassava grating machine.

(3) If there is abnormal noise or stuck phenomenon during operation, stop the machine immediately and continue working after troubleshooting. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts by hand when the machine is working.

(4) When adjustment, repair of the machine or replacement of parts, firstly the machine must be stopped.

(5) The power equipment should be selected according to the nameplate specification of the starch processing machine. It is not allowed to increase the spindle speed arbitrarily. It is not allowed to remove the protective cover of each component at will.

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