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Garri packaging machine

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Description of garri packaging machine:

Garri packaging machine is used for the quantitative packaging of garri. The whole weighing process is controlled by the computer and automatically packaged. The equipment integrates feeding, metering, weighing, packaging and conveying. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast weighing, labor-saving, saving people, simple operation and accurate weighing.

Garri packaging machineGarri packaging machine

Structure and composition

Garri packaging machine mainly consists of material import, feeding mechanism, weighing hopper, bagging mechanism, frame, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveyor belt and other institutions.

The process of quantitative packaging scale: material inputting - automatical weighing - automatic filling - manual sealing.

The material is screwed into the buffer silo through the loading funnel and then sent to the weighing hopper. The feed amount is controlled by controlling the speed of the screw conveyor. Once the weighing bucket reaches the set weight, the weighing bucket pneumatic gate is automatically opened. The bag holder is then opened by the control system and the material enters the bag directly from the weighing hopper. Finally, the bag is transported away by the conveyor belt and sealed by manual assistance.

garri packaging machineGarri packaging machine

The scope of use of garri packaging machine:

This garri packaging machine is widely applicable to the quantitative packaging of powder and granular materials, such as starch, cassava flour, garri, food pellets and other granular material of foodstuffs, chemical Industry, light Industry, etc

Packing range: 10-100kg

Garri packaging machine features:

◆ The host adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding, which is faster.

◆ Advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology, anti-interference technology, and automatic compensation and correction of errors.

◆ Use high stability, high precision load cell, accurate weighing and small error.

Garri packaging machineAutomatic packaging and manual sealing

◆ This garri packaging machine adopts advanced PLC touch screen in the electrical control system, the man-machine interface is friendly, the operation is simple, and the display is intuitive.

◆ Servo motor pushes spiral filling, weighing feedback specific gravity tracking, high precision and good stability.

◆ The contact part of the whole machine with the material is made of all stainless steel to prevent the garri from receiving pollution, and has high corrosion resistance and long service life.

◆ Electrical and pneumatic components are imported components with long service life and high stability.

◆ The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, and the combined material box is very convenient for cleaning.

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