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Cassava Fufu processing machine

Fufu is processed by washing, peeling roots, cutting into pieces, grinding into pulp, fermenting for 1-2 days, dewatering, drying, sieving and packing....

  • 03/29/2023
Garri fryer machine price in Nigeria

What is the price of garri fryer in Nigeria? Take Henan Jinrui, a China manufacturer for example, a 100kg/h garri fryer is US5000. And different scale garri processing machine can be customized here at...

  • 02/24/2023
Gari Processing Plant Production Workshop Specifications and Basic Hygiene Requirements

To build a gari processing plant, you need to know some necessary specifications and basic hygiene requirements of garri processing plant production workshop....

  • 09/28/2022
Cassava chips production in Nigeria

It is common to see cassava chips production in Nigeria. And in Nigeria, most of cassava are usually processed into cassava flour and animal feed....

  • 05/14/2022
Why are the costs of transporting goods in Africa so high?

Many Africans want to start businesses in order to increase their economic power, but there are always obstacles in the way of trade, and the high cost of transporting goods is one of them....

  • 04/26/2022
Why invest in garri production business in West Africa?

From view of Henan Jinrui company, a 10+ years professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, there would be three reasons for people to invest in garri production business in West Africa. They...

  • 03/30/2022
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