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Why invest in garri production business in West Africa?

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Mar 30, 2022

If one wants to invest in a business, it must be because the business has a good market prospect or policy support. From view of Henan Jinrui company, a 10+ years professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, there would be three reasons for people to invest in garri production business in West Africa.

They are traditional food culture of local people, government's support of agricultural products processing and abundant cassava production.

In the first place, local traditional food culture. From many years ago, people in West Africa has began to feed with garri. The reasons as following. Firstly, cassava is the only agricultural product in West Africa. Secondly, it can mass produce all the year round in atrocious climate. Finally, people found that cassava can change to garri which is edible food to them after fermentation and frying to remove the Hydrocyanic acid contained in cassava. Since that, cassava become an important and indispensable agricultural product in West Africa. And people regard garri which processed from cassava as their main food in daily life. This also implied that garri is an life necessity of West Africans, and its market demand will never stop. In other words, garri processing business has a large market in West Africa.

cassava to garri processing in localCassava to garri processing in local

In the second place, government's support of agricultural products processing. No matter where, nations and its people are both attached great important on development of agriculture because agriculture is crucial for comprehensive development of one country. This is also the same as countries in West Africa. Government, especially in Nigeria in West Africa,, are greatly support people in local to process cassava into different finished products like garri, flour and starch, etc, to promote the development of its country's economy. Therefore, if you invest garri processing business in West Africa like Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra leone etc, you will be supported from local government in policy. Many Nigerian clients of Henan Jinrui company are lived in America or other countries, but most of them invested garri processing business in West Africa because of the good market of garri. So why not invest garri processing business in West Africa?


Let's move on the third one, abundant cassava production. As we all known, West Africa is abundant for cassava production, in particular Nigeria which is the largest country for cassava planting and production. So, it means that if you invest garri processing business in West Africa, you do not need to worry that supplement and its cost of the raw material cassava. The reasons show you here. If you have empty land, you can plant cassava by yourself. In this way, you can reduce the cost of raw material cassava. But if you don't want to plant cassava by your own or no vacant land to plant cassava, you can cooperate with your friends or local people who can supply you sufficient cassava per day. It is worth to mention that, you need to sign an contract with them if you cooperate with others, which can ensure your garri production and right.

To sum up, there are many advantages for you if you plan to invest garri production business in West Africa. Besides, many successful clients garri production projects of Henan Jinrui company in West Africa proved that garri production business has good perspective in the future. So if you want to join this business and order garri processing machines from Henan Jinrui company, welcome to inquiry, we can provides you with not only machine customizing service but also garri plant proposal. We looking forward to receiving your requirement.

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