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Africa client visiting for cassava garri machine

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cassava garri processing machine

Africa clients visiting for cassava garri machine

This week, the Africa client visit my factory for cassava garri machine.This trip,the client want to buy the cassava milling machine for making garri. We talked about the technology of making cassava garri and the after services for cassava garri machine,the clients is very satisfied with our cassava garri machine.

During the garri processing,cassava milling machines is very important progress. Cassava milling will also affect the garri  yield. Normally, After cassava washing and peeling section, the cleaned cassava roots coming from the washing unit will be fed into the cassava milling machine.

garri processing machine
The garri processing machine chart flow
When cassava milling, we use the special cassava milling machines with one exit pure cassava starch come out, another exit with cassava pulp come out. Then starch can  be settle down, and dewater, dry under the sun etc, Customers can get pure cassava starch.

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