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How to start cassava production and processing business in Nigeria ?

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

Cassava production and processing in Nigeria is not a new business concept. As the world's largest producer of cassava, cassava production and processing has started very early in Nigeria. Initially, cassava processing is generally produced by hand and is mainly used for household consumption. With the improvement of mechanization level, the emergence of fully automatic cassava processing equipment has greatly improved the processing efficiency of cassava, making cassava production and processing in Nigeria more and more commercialized and industrialized, which has greatly promoted the development of cassava industry. Therefore more and more Nigerians starts to do cassava business in Nigeria, but how do you start cassava production and processing in Nigeria ?

cassava production and processing in NigeriaCassava

According to different processed products, cassava can be processed into cassava chips, garri, fufu, cassava flour, cassava starch, cassava pellets and son on. So, first of all, we need to determines the final products of cassava production and processing in Nigeria?

Here we mainly analysis the requirements and benefits of processing cassava into cassava chips, garri, cassava flour and cassava starch in Nigeria

1)  Cassava chips. The cassava chips are dried products obtained by cutting the peeled cassava into cassava chips and drying them, and the average diameter is 3 mm to 6 mm, which is usually used in the animal feed industry. Cassava chips can also be used in breweries, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries. China has a high demand for cassava chips, mainly for ethanol production. In Europe, cassava chips sometimes are ground into flour for other uses such as ethanol, cakes and biscuits. These clearly indicate that cassava chips have high market potential. What's more, the cassava chips processing is the easiest and most economical for cassava production and processing in Nigeria. Only cassava chipper and cassava peeler are needed, and a cassava chips dryer can be added if budget allows. If your budget is small, you may as well consider the cassava chips business.

cassava production and processing in NigeriaCassava chips processing

2) Garri. The most common product of cassava production and processing in Nigeria, which is obtained by washing and peeling cassava, grinding it into pulp and fermenting, and then dehydrating and frying. It is estimated that 75% of cassava is processed into garri in Africa. Garri is the staple food for most Africans, especially in Nigeria. Therefore, garri has a great demand just in Nigeria market. The main advantages of garri production in Nigeria are low cost, low investment, and can be direct sold to the Nigerian market, which is suitable for small and medium investors.

cassava production and processing in NigeriaGarri processing

3)Cassava flour. Cassava flour is a product obtained from cassava after washing, peeling, crushing, dehydrating and drying steps. One of the main uses of cassava flour in Nigeria is to replace wheat flour for baking products. With the increase in wheat prices internationally, the Nigerian government supports the policy of partially replacing wheat flour with cassava flour to reduce Nigerian wheat flour imports and save foreign exchange. Therefore, cassava flour, especially high-quality cassava flour produced by using complete set of automated equipment, is in great demand in Nigeria. In addition, HQCF is also an important industrial raw material, which can be used to produce glucose syrup, industrial alcohol, adhesives, etc., and is also in high demand internationally. The advantage of cassava production and processing in Nigeria of flour making is that it can be sold both in Nigeria and in the international market. The price of cassava flour is higher than that of garri and the profit is higher than garri. However, the investment in cassava flour production in Nigeria is higher than that of garri, and it is necessary to have a factory as a processing site. Therefore it is suitable for medium and large investors.

cassava production and processing in NigeriaCassava flour processing

4). Cassava starch. The processing technology of cassava starch is the most complicated. It is made by washing cassava and grinding it into slurry, removing fiber, protein, and other impurities to get pure starch and then dehydrate and dry it to get desired quality cassava starch. Cassava starch is an important industrial raw material widely used in food, non-food industries such as food, textile, paper, medicine, cosmetics, etc., and it is in great demand in international market. China is the country that imports the most cassava starch in the world. The advantage of cassava production and processing in Nigeria for starch production is that and the export demand is huge, the price of cassava starch is high, and the profit is high. At the same time, the investment in starch is also the highest, and the equipment price is relatively high. In addition, it is necessary to have enough plants for starch production. Therefore, it is suitable for large-scale investors with high budgets.

cassava production and processing in NigeriaCassava starch processing

After determining the cassava processing products, you need to prepare enough funds to build cassava processing plant, purchase the appropriate equipment, and solve the problem of the supply of cassava raw materials and the water and power supply. As a manufacturer of cassava deep processing equipment, Doing Company can provide cassava chips machine, garri processing machine, cassava flour equipment and cassava starch equipment. At the same time, our engineers have more than 30 years of experience, and can recommend most suitable processing equipment according to his professional knowledge and project experience.  And can carry out plant planning, project installation, commissioning, training operators and other services.


cassava production and processing in NigeriaCassava processing plant

The above is an analysis of how to start cassava production and processing in Nigeria. Doing Company is a comprehensive company integrating equipment manufacturing and trading. We have cassava starch plant and cassava flour plant projects in Nigeria, and cassava flour and garri projects in Tanzania. And we are currently preparing to establish an overseas warehouse in Nigeria. Nigerian and other African customers can go directly to our warehouse to purchase equipment, saving transportation costs. Therefore, if you are planning to engage in a cassava processing project in Nigeria, you can contact our engineers who will provide you with the most professional guidance.

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