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Doing Company engineers technical seminar

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

2019 Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is carrying out a year-end technical seminar. The first-line installation engineers are in full swing for discussion. In addition to technical engineers, project installation engineers, also include engineers who are responsible for machines development, design and manufacturing in the factory. Except them, also have several other engineers now still in the customer's factory for the project installation, can't back to China to celebrate our Chinese lunar New Year.

cassava processing plantDoing Company engineers technical seminar

Before the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, the technical backbones of Doing Company gathered to discuss the development of the factory in 2018, and to discuss the installation process of the ongoing project and the preparation of the project to be installed for the customer in 2019, also working for making a plan for factory 2019 development and new machines design and manufacturing, also inveloved in many technical problems.

cassava production factoryDoing Factory engineers and workers

All of these DOING engineers are rich experience, professional in different area about the cassava processing machine and potato starch processing equipment, knowledgeable in the factory layout design, specializing in the installation of water and electricity in the factory. So if you plan to start a cassava processing plant or starch processing plant, just trust us, Doing Company not only can give you professional support and advice, also can make the turn-key project service for you.

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