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Henan Jinrui's small-scale garri processing equipments are sold to Nigeria

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Feb 17, 2023

On February 15, 2023, a Nigerian customer ordered small-scale garri processing equipments from Henan Jinrui Company, intending to start a small-scale garri processing business in Nigeria. The equipment he purchased included a cassava peeler, a cassava grater and a garri fryer. These can satisfy small scale garri production with low investment.

small scale garri processing equipmentsLow investments garri processing business in Nigeria

Since 2022, this customer has always kept in touch with us. During this time, he inquired and compared many cassava equipments suppliers in China, but finally he chose to cooperate with Henan Jinrui. It is not because our garri processing equipments are cheap, but because we are responsible for the quality of every machine we produce, whether it is in pre-sales or after-sales, which is something that many suppliers cannot provide. To confirm this, all our customers can come to our company headquarters (Henan, China)to check the size of our after-sales team, and also go to the factory to visit our machine manufacturing and conduct quality inspection. Seeing is believing, welcome to visit Henan Jinrui if you want to buy garri processing equipments.

Now, this customer's order has been sent to our factory, which will be put into production and sent out ASAP. Within a month, this customer will receive these garri processing equipments. In addition, as a professional cassava processing equipments supplier for over ten years, we provide reliable shipping service.【Recommended reading: What are the factors that affect the shipping cost of garri making equipment?

If you want to buy garri processing equipments in China, welcome to contact us at any time.

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