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How much is the cost of cassava grating machine?

Industry news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Jan 14, 2020

Cassava grating machine is a commonly used machine in garri processing, which is mainly used to grate cassava into mash. Due to its high working efficiency and low cost, more and more small investors choose to buy a cassava grater to speed up garri processing. For them, the first thing they want to know is the cost of cassava grating machine. But actually, the cost of cassava grating machine is not a fixed number.

Normally, the cost of cassava grating machine is about several thousand dollars. And it is mainly influenced by the processing capacity, its material, its driven method, ect..

cost of cassava grating machineHow much is cassava grating machine?

The bigger the capacity, the more it costs

It's easy to understand that the larger the processing capacity of the cassava grater you need, the bigger the equipment is, and the higher the equipment cost. So before you asked how much is the cost of cassava grating machine, you'd better confirm your processing capacity. If you are not sure, you can consult our engineer and sales manager, they will give you suggestions based on your request.

The cost of stainless steel equipment is higher than that of carbon steel

Generally, cassava grating machine can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel, so its cost is different. Obviously, stainless steel equipment is of higher quality and higher price. If you have enough budgets and want to produce higher quality garri, you can choose a stainless steel one. Of course, we can design carbon steel cassava grater if you requires.

cost of cassava grating machineStainless steel & carbon steel cassava grating machine

Except the above factors, the cost of cassava grating machine is also influenced by by the way it is driven. Doing Company cassava grater can be driven by electric motor or driven by diesel engine. Based on your choice, the cost of machine is slightly different. In addition, the machine price from original equipment manufacturers is cheaper than that of foreign trade companies, and the purchase of equipment from the manufacturer can ensure the after-sales service.

Doing Company is a professional original equipment manufacturer with 30 years of experience. Our cassava grating machine is designed by our professional engineer, who combine the cassava grating method in Africa with the advanced technology in Europe and based on their years of project experience. This machine not only has high breaking rate, high yield, but also can separate the liquid and cassava pulp directly, which is more convenient and efficient.

Besides, we have an overseas warehouse in Nigeria, where you can buy equipment directly here without waiting for shipping.

If you are interested in this machine and want to know the cost of cassava grating machine, you can contact with us or visit our overseas warehouse to choose.

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