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Factors influence the cost of garri frying machine

Many customers are curious about the cost of garri frying machine.But we all know that the cost of garri frying machine is influenced by many factors,such as output,material and quality of garri frying...

  • 08/21/2019
Popular cassava peeling machine in Ghana

Ghanaian government encourages the mechanized cassava peeling,the peeling of cassava in Ghana is still dominated by hand.To alleviate the problem of low efficiency of cassava peeling,large-scale garri ...

  • 08/15/2019
Three types of cassava grating machine for cassava processing

For cassava processing,cassava grating is necessary.But the required cassava grating machines are different for different finished products.Current cassava grating machine includes:cassava grater, cass...

  • 08/09/2019
Ghanaian customers visited Doing Company for the second time to buy cassava processing machinery

On August,2019,two customers from Ghana visited Doing Company for the second time to inspect and buy cassava processing machinery.They want to buy cassava flour processing machine and cassava starch pr...

  • 08/08/2019
Why to start garri processing business in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country suitable for garri processing business,why say so? Nigeria has rich cassava raw material;garri is eaten by most Nigerian; Nigerian government support people start garri processing ...

  • 08/07/2019
Henan Doing Company reformed our factory to provide better equipment and service for customers

In 2019,Doing Group took a series of measures to carry out factory reforms,including improving the factory system,improving equipment processing technology and using computer to commucate equipment man...

  • 08/05/2019
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