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Nigerian customer visit factory for garri production equipment

DOING news/ Chat online/ Leave a message/ Dec 16, 2019

27th March, our Nigerian customer visit our factory for garri production equipment.

Before coming to China, this Nigeria customer had already talked with the manager of our overseas office about garri production equipment.  Our overseas office manager provide the client one feasibility program according to the customer demand and the budget. After agreeing with the program that provided by our overseas office manager, he decided to come to China.  Cassava garri processing machine

garri production equipmentGarri production equipment

And on 27 th March, our Zhengzhou office manager welcomeed this customer, the purpose of this trip is to see the operation of our cassava garri processing equipment.  So, our driver took him and our manager to our factory to see the operation of the garri production equipment. Since we are a professional cassava processing equipment manufacturer in China, the customer is very satisfied with our garri production equipment.

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