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What are the main advantages of garri processing machine?

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Nowadays, the demand for garri is large and the quality requirements are high. The traditional manual processing method can no longer meet the needs of garri processing plant and is gradually replaced by garri processing machine. Because garri processing machine mainly has the following three advantages: high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, and long service life.

High degree of automation is an obvious advantage of garri processing machine, which realizes the visualization and automatic operation of garri processing line. All garri processing machines can be fully controlled by virtue of PLC system, and the technical parameters of each machine part are strictly controlled. This reduces manual intervention and reduces labor costs.

garri processing machineGarri processing machine

Besides that, the garri processing machine can work at high professing efficiency. Cassava has a period of freshness, and it is usually suggested to finish processing in one week. Traditional cassava washing, peeling, crushing work and garri frying work all takes a long time and workers. But if garri processing plant adopts the garri processing machine, there is no need to worry about the cassava preservation problem.

cassava peeling and washing machineCassava peeling and washing machine

Last but not the least, garri processing machines has the advantage of long service life. All parts in direct contact with garri processed materials are made of stainless steel material that is tough and not easily corroded, which ensures the equipment is durable. In addition, this also ensures that the garri processing environment is clean and hygienic.

garri frying machine with stainless steel materialGarri frying machine with stainless steel material

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